How can we maintain oral hygiene in the winters as well?


    How can we maintain oral hygiene in the winters as well?

    No sooner than the colder days start approaching ahead, we all start prepping for it. The winter clothes come at the front and the summer ones go at the back. All our quilts are out. We start making plans for our winters as well, but the dentist in Ludhiana asks if we are ready for the winters. What about oral hygiene? Are we up with that?

    The dentists practising in a renowned Dental Clinic in Punjab presents some of the measures which we all must take into consideration before we think we are ready for the winters:

    Brush the teeth softly

    Do your teeth get sensitive during the winters? If yes, then it is high time that you switch to a new toothbrush. If you use the hard toothbrush in the summers that winters call for the soft-bristled toothbrush.


    It would be better if you are following the advice of the doctor about what kind of toothbrush you should be using. Only a dentist in Ludhiana can guide you the best in this regard.

    Stop following the myths

    Many of the old people used to follow the myth which said, “Doing Datun is what your teeth need in the name of oral hygiene, But it is not so.”

    Your teeth won’t be in their best condition if they are not being brushed regularly with the soft-bristled toothbrush and a paste.

    Drink a lot of fluid

    The doctors do suggest the patients drink a great number of fluids. Keeping the water intake high in the mouth will not let the bad bacteria develop in the mouth. How?

    Winter makes our skin go dry within just seconds. So does our mouth. But keeping ourselves hydrated will not let the bad bacteria build up in the mouth.

    Do not get it wrong!

    One must not be hard and fast with following the rules. When we are asking the person to stay hydrated, then it does not at all mean that we are suggesting to include the water in the fluids. You can include any other drink in your fluid consumption regime, but make sure it must not include carbonated sugar.

    You need to control your hot chocolate cravings

    I completely agree, how tempting it sounds to consume hot chocolate in the winters, but for the sake of good oral health, we all must put an end to it. Hot chocolate includes an excessive amount of sugar which may cause you to suffer from tooth decay.

    Question: “What if my throat is sore and I need a soothing drink?”

    It is a common thing that happens with everybody throughout the winters, The throat gets sore and there is a need for a soothing drink. In that case, we all demand hot chocolate. Instead, we should stick to tea which does not include sugar at all.