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When you should receive Orthodontic Treatment?

You should start the orthodontic evaluation of your kids at an age of 7 years. Timely orthodontic test enables orthodontists to evaluate the possible problems before they become severe. In fact most young patients do not require oral assessment even after the growth of the permanent teeth.

Teeth Straightening

Hidden Braces

Invisalign Orthodontics

Tooth Coloured Braces


Orthodontic treatment procedure

  1. Braces apply constant and slight pressure to regularly shift teeth in their required positions.
  2. In specific cases, the braces insert spacers on the back teeth.
  3. The archwire in the braces move the teeth to bring enhanced smile and bite pattern.
  4. You can choose any elastic colors or make it invisible.
  5. In few cases, the teeth are removed to create space for later alignment of teeth.

Orthodontic treatment in adults

Straight teeth have a significant role in oral health. Perfectly aligned teeth are less sensitive to damage and diseases. Orthodontic treatment in adults can significantly enhance your appearance and self-confidence. It also helps in improving your teeth and gums health.

The orthodontic treatment includes dental braces, translucent braces, aligners that reshape the misaligned teeth.


Orthodontic treatment duration

The time taken to perform the treatment depends on patient condition, severity of their dental problems, biological response to treatment, patient’s cooperation during treatment.

Moreover patient’s dental and emotional maturation are significant in deciding the treatment time length.

Combined surgical orthodontics

It is also named as orthognathic surgery that is performed in the terrible dental conditions. It helps in widely improving the facial appearance of patients as well as improves chewing and closing lips.


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