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A Root Canal Therapy can take 50 minutes or 1 hour at a modern dental clinic in Ludhiana. Though the time normally depends on the type of tooth or the number of teeth being treated, the advanced equipment renders the procedure to be quick and as well as painless. Cases where there are a few canals to be treated, the treatment will automatically be completed within 1 hour and a few minutes.

It is widely known that a root canal therapy is painless and some patients may desire to take on a single appointment to reduce the pain. It is highly recommended that a dentist first observes and examines the teeth or tooth to be treated. Cases, where the infection had spread to the nearby teeth means that more attention and a proper treatment approach have to be designed regardless of the time that a patient wants to spend at the dental clinic.

This may call for two visits at the clinic. During the first visit, a dentist will perform an X-ray (radiographic procedure) to get a clear view of the damaged teeth. In this, he will observe if there is any infection or not. He will clean and shape the root canal/s of the tooth/teeth. Usually, calcium hydroxide is inserted in the teeth to effectively disinfect the teeth.

On the second visit, the dentist will fill and as well as seal the tooth or teeth. This approach is favorable since it gives a dentist an opportunity of following one’s healing progress. On the other hand, a patient must not neglect or extend the appointments as it may sabotage the effectiveness of the treatment and cause further damage to the healthy teeth

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