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All dental procedures are not easy, there are specific ones that need extreme skills and expert assistance to finish them successfully. The dental tooth bridge is one of them. Bridge is significant to develop a firm structure that retains an artificial tooth among the two crowned teeth when the gap is developed from the tooth removal. Bridging is not possible for all dentists. Our dentist is highly experienced in handling such type of procedures by using cutting edge technology for bridges

Advantages of Bridge Procedure

  • Maintain the tooth position- Our teeth also play a special role in maintaining the position of each other through the strength of root and enamel firmness. During a tooth removal, a space is created that causes a shift in the other teeth. Bridging helps in preventing this shift.
  • Teeth emerged from the jawbone contribute in shaping a person’s face. Therefore a tooth loss, jaw and check create a sunken shape of an individual’s face. By using a bridge one can successfully prevent this to happen.
  • Tooth loss or decay can severely affect your smile. Due to this a person may become conscious about his/her look and feels worse in the society. Bridges help patients feel comfortable and confident with their smiles and conversation with others.
  • Tooth missing affects the contact between the upper and lower teeth that causes jaw sores and misalignment and teeth grinding with the passage of time. On the other hand, bridge helps to maintain the normal pattern by same support on the both sides.
  • Missing teeth also makes it tough to chew foods. Tongue may have to work more to make words due to teeth gap. This problem can be prevented by bridging.


Bridge Types

Traditional bridge-It is a common type of bridge that includes replacement of more than one missed teeth by placing crowns in the space. Ceramic porcelains are used that offer aesthetic, durable and good performance.

Cantilever Bridge-Cantilever bridge is created from the single crown that supports a single decayed tooth. It prevents the contribution of natural tooth that otherwise is used to be crowned for the support. Cantilever bridge is used in case of front tooth loss.

Maryland bonded bridge- This type of bridge receives strength from the neighboring teeth so they do need to be crowned as occur in the traditional bridge procedure. This bridge involves the use of porcelain tooth that is placed by double wings that are connected to the adjacent teeth.

The cost of dental tooth Bridges depends on the number of bridges needed and the type of bridge chosen. The recovery time needed for dental bridge is exceptionally small. The patients who are looking for dental bridges in Ludhiana, we can help. You can make an appointment with our dentist who is specialized the variety of cosmetic dentistry such as veneers to bridges and also ask for tooth cap cost. Our dentist also suggests you appropriate procedure that fits you well.


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