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    Best Dentist in Ludhiana

    Meet Dr. Bikramjit Singh Dhillon

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    Dr. Bikramjit Singh Dhillon

    BDS , MDS – Prosthodontics , Fellow of International College of Oral Implantologist (FICOI) , Fellowship and Diplomate in Implantology from ICOI (USA) , Fellow of International College of Continuing Dental Education
    Prosthodontist , 10 Years Experience

    Dr. Bikramjit Singh Dhillon is Specialist in Prosthodontics and renowned in the niche of Implantology. He is known as the best dentist in Ludhiana not only because of his qualification that is BDS, MDS-Prosthodontist but also due to his approximately half decade experience in the field. He is also fellow of international college of Oral Implantologist, Fellowship and Diplomate in Implantology from ICOI (USA) and he had also remain fellow of international college of continuing Dental Education.

    Dr. Bikramjit always strive to give his best for the correction of smile and to eradicate the dental issues among patients. His extensive knowledge and experience in the field help the people to get best and attractive smile with safest treatment options. He has dedicated his life in the cosmetic dentistry and to set the benchmark of satisfied patients with happy smiles. His innumerable dental services create the sweet smiles on the faces of people who seek for the satisfactory and safe dental treatment.

    He put his extravagant efforts with professional approach to offer the personalized treatment to patients that fit to their budget and meet their expectations for treatment outcomes. Only because of his every time feasible results and consistency of success after dental treatment, he has become the first choice of people in Ludhiana and patient feel themselves in safe hands while taking treatment from him. He leads the team of world best professionals that assist him in each dental treatment and contribute to enhance the success ratio of treatment. Best dental care and patient’s satisfaction is his first priority while offering any dental treatment.


    Ludhiana dental clinic is well established clinic offering the best dental services in Ludhiana. Our authorized clinic gives you many reasons to smile as follows

    • Our state of art technology enables us to conceptualize on the lines of dental hospital
    • Bikramjit Singh Dhillon is the renowned dentist of India heading the Ludhiana dental clinic.
    • We have team of highly qualified dentists of India that contribute their expertise and offer the specialized dental treatment to patients
    • We offer the best dental services in India by using the latest techniques in dental care. Each dental procedure has been performed with the latest trends and technology dentistry
    • Our world best team of professionals focus on preventive, dental disease management for offering the high quality advanced dental services to patients.
    • Advanced personalized care with the variety of options at hand for dental treatments is our specialty
    • Patients can get the latest dental treatments under one roof
    • We believe in continuous improvement in dental treatments so our team of dentists are continuous innovating to provide best out of best dental treatment and care with optimized successful results
    • The advanced treatments like dental implants that restore the natural feel and function of tooth with natural effects, are provided at reasonable rates which are lesser as compared to other dental clinics but we do not compromise on the quality at any step of treatment.
    • We provide special attention to child care and preventive dentistry so that excellent results and quick recovery can be attained.

    Why Ludhiana Dental Care

    Bright smile that you have never got before

    Durable installation of crowns

    Successful bridging to improve your facial appearance

    Professional assistance in dental implants to ensure their success

    Firm veneers to prevent the tooth decay

    Highly experienced team to offer perfect suggestion for suitable dentistry solutions

    Personal care

    24*7 hour ultimate protection of your teeth from foreign and inner threats

    Best Dental Clinic In Ludhiana

    When you visit our Dental clinic in Ludhiana to receive any type of dental treatment varying from veneers to bridges, you get an assistance of skilled professionals who are dedicated to serve you. Our cosmetic dentist is such personality that can deal with your teeth problems. His center is located in Ludhiana and is known for providing the state-of-art technology dental treatments that fit in your needs as well as pocket. You can take the benefit of our expert services by scheduling your appointment with our dentist to discuss your teeth problems. Our Centre which is appear in  one of the Best Dental Clinic In Ludhiana,Punjab, India In google search results.

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    Any queries are welcome, so please call us on +91 161 2561333, +91 98032 00800 or drop us an Email on drdhillonbikram@gmail.com. Enjoy the confidence a great smile brings – Click the link below to arrange a consultation.

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