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Get a Beautiful Smile with Teeth Contouring

Any imperfection in your smile can affect your self-esteem and concern you about the way you look. But, you need to worry about receiving invasive and costly dental procedures to improve this condition. You can get a vast enhancement in your smile by using the successful teeth contouring services. At Ludhiana Dental Center, we offer the excellent dental treatments.

Teeth Contour

Teeth contour refers to reshape the teeth. The dental apparatus is used for slight abrasion to the teeth, removing the chipped edges and changing the overall shape of the tooth. This procedure is significant in fixing teeth with little chips, hard edges or sides that cover the adjacent teeth. The whole of teeth can be reshaped slowly to make the teeth look straight. Normally, the existing teeth are used for teeth shaping that are straight.


What does Teeth Contouring Process Offer

The dentist checks the health state of your teeth for contouring. He performs the visual inspection and performs dental x-rays of teeth. You should have a healthy and firm base prior initializing the reshaping, it prevents the risk of any damage that may occur during the treatment. This treatment procedure uses your existing teeth, the extent of variation that can be achieved is limited to every unique condition. The pen highlights the areas that will be sculpted to get a clear view of the adjustments made.

Sanding equipment is significant to contour the teeth sides and surfaces based on the decided treatment type.

Benefits of Dental Contouring

  • Secured and pain-free procedure- Tooth contouring is a non-invasive procedure, the dentist precisely discards the slight magnitude of surface enamel even without the need of local anaesthesia.
  • Better dental health-For crooked and overlapping teeth, it becomes tough to brush and floss the teeth effectively. After the procedure, the teeth edges become smooth and straight.
  • Economical Procedure- Dental contouring is a cost-effective way to improve your appearance of teeth.
  • Easy procedure- Instead using braces, teeth contouring is a simple practice that offers the prolong results for your money and can be performed easily.


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