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Surgical Extraction

Teeth are your lifetime treasure that keeps you beautiful. However many teeth can be easily removed, in some cases the process becomes complicated and need extensive efforts. Therefore surgical extraction of teeth is performed.

When do you need tooth extraction?

  1. When teeth are affected by trauma or crowding
  2. Teeth extraction is the best option when they cannot be fixed by filling or crowns.
  3. Teeth with lack of bone support due to periodontal disorder


How surgical extraction is different from simple extraction

If a tooth is visible exceeding the gum line and it can be easily removed by your dentist with forceps, it is a simple extraction. In case of highly sensitive tooth that is not fully grown, your dentist has to remove the gum tissue or bone to take it out. It is called surgical extraction.


When do you need surgical extraction?

  1. If tooth is broken during the procedure
  2. For Wisdom tooth removal
  3. Removal of almost broken tooth


After procedure care

  1. Bite on a gauze pad for half hour to stop bleeding
  2. Do not talk, eat and drink much in the initial hours after the procedure
  3. Drink lukewarm water or cold liquids after the bleeding stops
  4. Avoid teeth rinsing and brushing for 12 hours
  5. Follow your dentist’s instructions carefully about pain medications
  6. Call your dentist in case of lasting pain or bleeding

The surgical teeth extraction is a slightly complicated procedure however the modern dentists use anesthesia and advanced equipments to perform the procedure easily.


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