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Clear Path Aligner: A Perfect Dental Solution

Clear Path Aligners deject the edge of cosmetic dentistry due to their superiority in cosmetic and dental health concerns The Clear Path Aligners are USFDA approved currently seen as a perfect solution for correcting malocclusion in adults.

Clear Path Aligners are typically removable medical grade plastic appliances worn by a patient instead of the traditional brackets and wires to correct the malocclusion.

The Clear Path Aligners are modern dental aligners serving as a perfect alternative to braces when it comes to straightening one’s teeth.

What are Clear Path Aligners?

Clear Path Aligners are advanced dental solutions that facilitate the application of clear orthodontic aligners instead of the conventional or traditional braces.

These modern clear path aligners are made from medical grade plastic material customized to fit each individual as per his or her teeth. These clear aligners offer maximum convenience and confidence as compared to the traditional braces that are easily recognized.

Clear Path Aligners: How they Work

To attain the modern treatment of Clear Path Aligner in India, you must visit an orthodontist who will examine your teeth and embark on formulating the customized clear path aligners.

The clear path aligners are computer generated and fabricated with the help of high techniques based on the model and images of your teeth.

These clear aligners are made with a series of slightly different trays, tailor-made to perfectly fit over your teeth. The removal trays are made of clear plastic which is extremely invisible and offers more aesthetics.

Each tray must be worn for at least 20 hours in a day for a period of two weeks before selecting the next aligner.

These clear aligners will move your teeth (straightening) and alter your smile with minor intervention in your daily life.

Benefits/Advantages of Clear Path Aligners

There are various benefits of Clear Path Aligners as below;

  • Customized dental solution
  • Invisible
  • Offer excellent aesthetic appearance
  • They are removable
  • Easy maintenance since they are easily cleaned
  • Excellent results
  • No irritation to the gums
  • A better smile

Cost of Clear Path Aligners

There isn’t an exact Clear Path Aligner Cost in India since the orthodontic treatment is typically customized. However, the clear path aligners are automatically costly compared to the traditional braces.

Your cost may be influenced by the severity or how bad the malocclusion is. The dental centre will also influence your cost since the treatment involves modeling procedures conducted with high-tech practices.

Home care Guide

Having attained the clear path aligner procedure, the orthodontist will provide the following instructions;

  • Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before inserting or removing the clear path aligners.
  • Handle a single piece of aligners whenever unpacking them.
  • Remove the right aligner and that is: the upper and the lower aligners for your teeth.
  • Don’t use force while inserting the aligners.
  • Simply use your fingertips to bring the aligner closer to your teeth and then use minimal pressure to fix the aligner in place.
  • In case the aligner isn’t properly fitted, simply get a piece of cotton and gently bite onto it to fix the aligner in place.
  • You will then enjoy the aesthetic looks with a perfect smile
  • In case there are issues while inserting either the lower or top aligners, contact your orthodontist.

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