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Life with incognito hidden braces

The incognito or lingual braces are installed in the back of teeth to almost hide them. Therefore this is a recommended method for aligning your teeth if you want to receive enhanced smile and appearance. Following the required customization, the incognito braces can cost similar to general braces or higher on the basis of treatment level.

Reasons to choose Incognito Braces

  1. Improve your appearance for occasions
  2. If metal braces are not comfortable
  3. If you want to choose invisible bracing option
  4. Teeth straightening while maintaining professional personality
  5. Teens who want better appearance


Incognito braces are made to fully fit in your mouth. The braces are cast in gold instead steel and are shaped according to your teeth alignment, the wires are also tailored to your mouth. As they can be customized to make them more comfortable for use, therefore the incognito hidden braces cost in India is higher than traditional braces.

In few cases, the cost of lingual braces can be higher than general braces by a large level. Meanwhile, many patients decide to offer extra money for the less visible options.

You can also find the ways to keep the cost of incognito braces under control in addition of receiving the same benefits of less visibility and good results. If your teeth need nominal fixation, they can be corrected by using lingual braces on the front teeth. The incognito braces can be selected here for your top arch and clear braces on the bottom as they are hardly noticed by people.


Performance of Incognito hidden braces

These braces offer a combination of brackets and wires that can be fully tailored to fit in your mouth. The dentist gets an accurate impression of your teeth which is then sent to lab where the molds are made to show the required results.

The brackets are made to specifically suit your all teeth. Depending on the brackets placed and instructions of your physician, the wires are can be bent. Your physician will perform the each step to offer you the perfectly placed braces to improve your smile.

After placing the braces, you will feel slightly uncomfortable and change in speaking that will be gradually improved with the passage of time. Within two weeks, your speaking level will become like before.


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