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We are specialized in Endodontics which is dental procedure to eradicate the problem of infection in the blood or nerve supply of tooth due to tooth decay or injury.

In case the pulp is infected then patient can have severe dental pain and can further experience an abscess so there can be need for the tooth removal. This advanced root canal or Endodontics treatment can prevent the spread of infection so can eliminate the need of tooth removal. After the best treatment we recommend the crown treatment to patient so that tooth can be made stronger and its functioning can be restored.

We offer the treatment with advanced technology and state of art art that makes the procedure simple, safe without discomfort and pain during treatment. We also make it possible for the patients to get Endodontics treatment in one sitting only.


  • Painless single sitting Endodontics treatment in Ludhiana Punjab
  • Root canal of wisdom teeth in single sitting
  • Treatment for all type of root fractures
  • Grossly destructed teeth are saved with post crown treatment
  • Use of digital X-Ray for Endodontics treatment

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