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Dental Extraction

It is a process of tooth removal from its position in the bone. When your tooth is broken or decayed, it needs a repair. Your dentist will fix it by filling or crowing or using other procedures. In case of severe damage to the tooth, it needs to be removed. Tooth extraction is also needed due to loose tooth.

Why do you need Tooth Extraction

  1. Additional tooth size that hinders the other teeth growth
  2. In case the kid’s teeth fail to emerge out at the right time for permanent teeth development
  3. When braces require teeth extraction to create a space for teeth shift
  4. Medications such as cancer treatment drugs affect the body immunity due to which teeth loose their strength and catch infection
  5. When infected teeth threat the bone or related organ after the transplant.
  6. Wisdom teeth removal if they are broken or decayed and cause pain or infection.


Dental extraction procedure

An x-ray is taken to decide on the best way for dental removal. Your dentist will ask about full medical and oral health history and prescribe the drugs, vitamins and supplements. A simple anaesthesia is given to remove the tooth. The dentist loosens the target tooth by using an elevator and then with the help of forceps the tooth is removed.

After the removal, you need to follow your dentist’s suggestion to recover easily. You should follow the precautions to prevent any infection. The extracted place will heal soon by using the medicines as prescribed by your dentist.


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