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Laser Gum Surgery

For people living in Ludhiana, great access to the several advanced and exciting tools and apparatus is available that has revolutionized the dentistry industry. One of such tools is Laser gum surgery that involves the use of a concentrated energy beam that offers complete accuracy in the removal of tooth loss and bacteria

When Laser Gum Surgery is Essential?

Gum diseases roots from burning of bone surrounded by the gum that causes gum inflammation and development of pockets. The gums bleed even with slight pressure and the patient suffers from gingivitis that describes the beginning of gum disease. Pocket is created by plaque between gum and tooth, the gum line hangs due to which tooth becomes more sensitive to loss. Different decay levels and swollen gum tissue because of plaque pockets demand gum treatment. The laser gum surgery is a recommended method to receive the aesthetic results.

Who is fit For Laser Gum Surgery

  • No cavities
  • Good teeth health
  • Non-smokers
  • Patients with strong bones


Treatment Types

  • Gingivectomy- When plaque enters into the gum line, it causes sensation of burning that results into bleeding and swelling of tissue around the teeth. The gum tissue expands outward and covers the tooth. For the treatment of this condition, laser is used to cut the unnecessary gum tissue to expose the tooth for the essential cleaning.
  • Gingival Flap Surgery-Patients with severe pockets of periodontal diseases are treated with flap surgery. Laser is used to remove the gum tissue from the tooth then tissue is folded back for deep scaling to remove plaque and tartar. With the use of laser, this surgical procedure is significantly improved.
  • Gingivoplasty- It includes the transplant of healthy gum tissue from the other place in mouth to the target gum line. The affected gum line tissue may be unsafe or bad looking, it is removed by using laser to stitch it through the gap.

Laser Gum Surgery Recovery

The recovery of laser gum surgery is very fast and easy. The procedure steps are almost same however with the use of lasers and professional dentist, the surgery recovery is rapid with successful results.

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