4-minute guide to getting clarity over gum contouring and reshaping treatment


    4-minute guide to getting clarity over gum contouring and reshaping treatment

    Are you not satisfied with the shape of your gums?

    In that case, the option of gum contouring and reshaping makes a great choice for you. Suppose you have been thinking about how to get the gum shape to get better the way you want it to be. In that case, you should schedule your initial consultation at one of the best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana to seek all the right answers and know the treatment that will work under this scenario. This guide will help make you get familiar with the gum contouring and reshaping treatment.

    What is gum contouring?

    The term contour stands for changing the gum shape. So, gum contouring is the procedure to change the shape of the gums. If that excessive gum tissue makes you struggle for a long time, then this option is worth getting. If you have been worried all these years about how your teeth get exposed, then you better consult the dentist on time.

    Is gum contouring a painful procedure?

    There is pain involved, but don’t worry as you are under given anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel the same or not to a great extent. Under the expertise of one of the Best Dentist in Punjab, you will get all the necessary answers on how much the pain is involved when the gum is cut away, shaped, and grafted.

    What is the recovery period of gum contouring?

    That depends on the necessary tools used to get the treatment done. With gum contouring, it’s possible to experience certain overall irritation. Following the surgery, some swelling is experienced, which is the key reason recovery time is reduced. The ice pack application works the best for swelling as you need to apply for just 15 minutes.

    Do I have to be cautious about something during recovery?

    YES! The diet you have needs to be well-planned by seeking your dentist’s expertise. As the gums are sensitive, be mindful not to have anything that can result in pain. It’s better than having ice cream, soup, yogurt, and pudding. The dentist will prescribe you certain medications to ensure the chances of having an infection are limited. So, make sure to take the same and always visit for the follow-ups.

    Is gum reshaping different from contouring?

    You will notice the dentist uses both these terms interchangeably. To be precise and make you understand the same, these are extremely similar. The main aim is to ensure the gum shape gets better the way patients want.

    Make yourself all informed about the treatment

    The initial step is to be well-informed about the treatment to ensure everything happens smoothly. Whether it’s about the way the procedure needs to be done or what is required to be followed afterward. Only when you consult an experienced dentist will proper light be shed over everything.