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Full Mouth Construction

To deal with the various levels of dental problems such as totally damaged or broken tooth and improper bites, you need to consult with a Prosthodontist who is expert in handling these problems. The treatment of these problems can be very sensitive that can bring a life changing moment for patients. Considering the sensitivity level of these problems, only an expert Prosthodontist is selected who is skilled in teeth restoration and replacement.


Why do you need Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction involves dealing with the complicated dental problems such as almost damaged or broken teeth and improper teeth alignment that affect speech and eating patterns. In order to improve these conditions, a fully reconstructive treatment is needed to restore the form and function of teeth. Full mouth reconstruction procedure offers a better quality life to patients.


Treatment Duration

Different time length is needed for different patients. For example severe teeth damage takes a longer time whilst minor problems can be fixed within few minutes to hours. Each treatment has its own length.

Full mouth reconstruction procedure

The full mouth reconstruction steps used are described as following:

Mouth diagnosis : First step of the procedure is a complete dental examination to evaluate your oral health such as periodontal tissue, jaw muscles and color, shape and teeth size and teeth impression that will be taken with the help of periodontist.

Cleaning: Prior to any reconstructive treatments commence, teeth should be cleaned. The dentist cleans the healthy teeth before the infected or damaged tooth. The gums are also checked for gum disease. The disease should be treated prior the complete mouth construction goes ahead.


  1. Dental Implants: The dental implants are used to restore damaged and missing teeth. They function as the tooth root and offer a lifetime strength and support for the replacement crown.
  2. Dental crowns: They fit on the injured or infected teeth to improve strength and shape. The crowns are strong and permanent restorations that also improve appearance.
  3. Porcelain veneers:  They are an ideal solution for various dental flaws like crooked and chipped teeth.

Advantages of Full mouth reconstruction

  1. Beautiful smile: The procedure straightens crooked or misaligned teeth.
  2. Healthy teeth and gums- Perfect tooth decay and gum problem
  3. Better confidence- Improved feel to your teeth
  4. Perfect functioning set of teeth- Eat, speak and smile with confidence and ease
  5. Full chewing capacity- There is no need to prevent eating hard or chewing foods. Be prepared to have ful nutrition.

The full mouth rehabilitation cost is based on the treatment level required. Wide restoration of teeth can be expensive. Specific mouth figuring cost includes the replacement of teeth and, techniques and materials used.

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