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Alveoloplasty procedure

An alveoloplasty effectively smoothens and reshapes a patient’s jawbone in areas when teeth are extracted or otherwise lost.


Need of Alveoplasty

  1. If procedure is performed before denture make, it is used to evaluate the shape of patient’s jawbone to prevent problems with equipment insertion, comfort, stability or retention.
  2. For tooth removal, the Alveoloplasty treatment in India improves the jawbone shape to offer fast healing.

Alveoloplasty procedure is performed as a tooth extraction procedure or as it’s own individual procedure.

Extraction process

After the tooth removal and before the extraction place is sealed, the dentist evaluates the bone tissue in the adjacent area.

  1. Creating a smooth bone surface ensures that the healing procedure occurs as peacefully as feasible.
  2. When tooth is removed, a dentist plans for how that tooth should be replaced. An essential part of this planning includes the jawbone contours in the affected area.

Multiple extraction

Alveoloplasty comprises a significant part of patient’s extraction process after the multiple consecutive teeth removal.

It is easier for a dentist to find ridge irregularities and significant issues and have the required access to substantially enhance them.

Prevent the need of second surgery

With advance planning and taking the additional time to include alveoloplasty as the part of extraction procedure, the dentist prevents the after need of a special and wide surgery.

Requirement for standalone alveoloplasty should be prevented

Why corrections you need weren’t made at the time of the real extractions? While discovering that alveoloplasty required can be disappointing, it doesn’t mean that your dentist cannot perform a suitable insight.

  1. In few cases, the healing and after jawbone remodeling improve in a different way than expected.
  2. In some conditions when the teeth are removed sporadically over several years, a result of ordinary ridge shape is usual. It is complicated for a dentist to keep a complete control on the wide scheme when only a single or several teeth are removed.

In few conditions, the problem may need a best alveoloplasty approach. It includes the conditions when patients suffer from tori or skeletal abnormality in their jawbones.


Alveoloplasty Procedure

  1. The target bone and the gum tissue are anesthetized
  2. Gum tissue flaps are created to expose the beneath bone that needs trimming and adjustment
  3. Bone trimming is performed by using bone files and dental drills. Small lumps and bumps can be trimmed from the jawbone surface
  4. After making the essential changes, the surgical site is cleaned with water or saline solution. The flaps are closed by stitches.

The per arch alveoloplasty cost varies from INR 2000 to INR 4000. Your dentist offers free of cost diagnosis of your mouth to evaluate your condition and give an estimate of treatment level needed.


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