How Long Should I Wear Invisalign Aligners Each Day?


    How Long Should I Wear Invisalign Aligners Each Day?

    Invisalign aligners help your teeth to stay in place so that you can get the perfect looking smile you want. Well to see the actual results you need to wear time for the specified amount of time. But, Why? In this guide, we have mentioned in brief the ideal time to wear aligners each day.


    Finally, you have decided with your dentist recommendation that you will be wearing Invisalign aligners. Now, you must wear them according to the recommended time. No doubt, you won’t be able to brush or eat while wearing aligners. It is impossible to wear them all day long.

    When you visit our dental clinic, the doctor will let you know that around 2 hours is the limited time you can take off the aligners from the mouth each day. But, if you ignore this suggestion it will affect the outcomes of the procedure.

    Make a habit to wear them at least 22 hours each day

    Generally, the doctor will tell you to wear the Invisalign aligners for at least 22 hours each day. This means 2 hours include brushing, eating, flossing, and drinking.

    The main goal of the aligners is to keep constant pressure on the teeth so that they are kept in place. If the aligners are kept out of the mouth for more than 2 hours, the teeth will move, which means you need to wear the aligners for a long time as compared to earlier.

    What are the advantages of Invisalign aligners?

    The Invisalign aligners are going to give you the maximum benefits of straight teeth and better outcomes. The traditional braces are working continuously so you can’t remove them. The Invisalign aligners are going to provide you a lot of benefits when you keep them in the mouth for as much time as possible.

    The teeth need to be trained in a certain way and if you do not keep up with the good practices of Invisalign then the desired results you won’t see will take more time than expected. So, you should not make such mistakes.

    You need to visit the doctor occasionally, to get it adjusted so that the speed of the entire process gets fast.

    Little efforts are going to benefit in the long run

    One of the main challenges with the Invisalign aligners is to create good habits. You need to only take them out when you are eating. These small things will leave a long-term good impact on the teeth.

    Some people think that even if you are going out in the evening for a couple of hours, you can remove them. But, these few hours are going to leave consequences on the final results.

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