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Bone Plating of Your Teeth

There are a number of factors that cause damage to our teeth. This can be caused by natural or other circumstances. Bone plating in teeth is used to heal fractures and reduce pressure exerted on the lower jaw. Between the areas of compression and tension there lies a neutral zone. Bone plating in dentistry is complicated by the presence of teeth, soft tissue and thin cortical bone. The neutral zone doesn’t require hardware since it depends on the level of bite force applied by an individual but this zone also connects with the alveolar neurovasculature area.

In treatment, hardware is placed on the inferior mandibular border since it is a vibrant location. Bicortical screw fixation is good since there is more vascular soft tissue to prevent impairing.  A tension band can also be applied to promote safety.


Compression plate osteosynthesis

This has been used for treating fracture for a very long period of time. This can be the best procedure when used correctly though some dentists prefer other methods. It creates steadiness across the fracture. It pulls the teeth together to prevent gapping between them.

Dynamic compression plates are also used by the dentists (surgeons) in this type of treatment.

Bone plating is used to fix problems in between bones and teeth and it has been used for a period. The desired results are achieved by our good doctors for you to have a better set of teeth.

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