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Core and Post placement procedure in root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is finished with the implant of dental crown.  In few cases, dental post and core are placed before the crowning can be performed.



Gaps develop in tooth due to decay and crooking, inadequate filling, or access cavity. Core placement is a procedure that includes the replacement of missed tooth part to create a new dental crown. It helps to develop an appropriate shape and base for new implant.

The core is made from a permanent dental material such as amalgam and composite.


Why should you choose core

Crown stability is based on tooth structure that is extended to its internal part. Nominal space filling causes early loss or damage or it is affected due to force applied inside.

The development of tooth with core ensures the excellent stability of crown so it excels the long term tooth stability.


Post and Core

Unlike to core, a dental post is placed to anchor the tooth core. The dental core can be built for any tooth whilst post and core is developed only for a tooth that has received root canal treatment. The post is placed in the tooth’s root. It is connected more inside the tooth crown.


When post is required?

  1. Post is required in case of more than half of original tooth crown is damaged.
  2. Post is needed when more than half of tooth crown is remained and core will be adequate.

Earlier it was misunderstood that dental posts are essential in improving the tooth strength where they are implanted. However, according to the researches, these posts are not found to be significant in strengthening the tooth but actually they affect the tooth strength and cause a fracture. Although, the failure cases do not include the conditions when post placed was in the need of repair.

Unlike to above statements, it doesn’t mean that post placement should not be used.  Although, dental post is considered as an aid to anchor the dental core for the repaired tooth. In case of presence of sufficient natural tooth, dentist doesn’t need to place post.

Placement of post and core

Core procedure: Sufficient of dental restorative is placed after preparing the tooth for crown, the final tooth and core combination is made of the same size and shape to appear as the natural tooth.

Post and core procedure:  Post space is created that is filled during sealing in the tooth endodontic treatment. A post is then bonded into the created space and secured. Thereafter the dental restorative is packed to develop the core which is then anchored in a place by post and adjacent tooth structure.


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