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A beautiful smile is a need of every individual. It is an essential part of your appearance and personality. Therefore, your dentist should be careful to resemble your tooth look before its removal so that your rejuvenated mouth can offer a more beautiful and natural smile.


What is cosmetic denture?

A cosmetic denture is special and exclusive in its shape, it offers the results that are totally natural and realistic that it cannot be distinguished. With the use of modern technology and our skills in natural morphology allow us to build tooth from the root level unlike to premade tooth. The resulted tooth construction is valuable for the flawless results. We know to exactly match and combine your denture teeth with the natural teeth and make them indistinguishable.


Cosmetic dentures available

  1. Swiss Denture
  2. Metal-free denture
  3. Implant denture

Why choose our cosmetic dentures?

We individually craft the cosmetic dentures that meet the special characteristics of your teeth. Meanwhile, the gap among your teeth is filled, we also add new characteristics to the crafted dentures to offer the real dentures that are individually made for you.

Benefits of cosmetic dentures

  1. No false image: Unlike to traditional dentures, the new cosmetic dentures are individually made to meet your requirements. They just not look beautiful, in fact also offer good experience.
  2. Improved facial appearance: With the use of cutting edge technology, essential steps are taken to construct the teeth that precisely fit your mouth. An accurate tooth structure matches your lip and facial pattern. They also support your lips and offer overall good facial appearance.

Tissue match: Specific colors are chosen to resemble your mouth tissue. We construct natural looking tissue that is significant in offering gummy smile.

Additional Cosmetic denture options

  1. Gold filling
  2. Diamonds inserted in dentures
  3. Gaps made in dentures
  4. Denture crossed over
  5. Tissue color
  6. Tooth color

We offer the dentures that look natural and suit your style. When you visit our dentist, you can also bring your photo to show your look before tooth extraction. You will receive a range of options that can be added in your treatment. Our dentist will discuss the essential details to ensure that you receive the fully satisfied results that you are longing for.

You will receive several opportunities to determine the characteristics of your new denture. You can also bring the denture at home so that you can personally evaluate your denture in your convenience.

We give as much time as you require to make a firm decision about your new denture. You can meet us as many times as you want and get a personalized denture according to your individual requirements and personality.


Cost of Dentures in India

There are several factors that determine the cost of dentures and these can be

  • The type of dentures, this includes full or partial dentures depending on the number of teeth affected.
  • The surgeon or expert you visit. Different clinics provide dentures at different costs
  • Whether they are permanent or temporary

The cost of dentures may range from RS 9,000 to RS 27,000. It should be noted that the price can increase depending on the above mentioned-factors and the treatment offered by the specialist.

You can get yourself dentures with the above-mentioned cost of dentures in India to solve your teeth issues.


Which Dentures are suitable for you?

Nowadays dentures have been used due to cosmetic surgeries, or normal people having teeth problems but whichever reasons you may need dentures, they have to be of a good quality. Dentures are of different types and they may be complete or partial dentures. You can have yourself the best dentures at our dental centre. The best dentist in India will advise you on which dentures are best for you as explained below;

Removable Partial Dentures

These dentures are less expensive and are favorable when a patient remains with some teeth. In this process, the dentist can remove these dentures since they loosen the attached teeth over a period of time. The best benefit of these dentures is that they can attach to the remaining teeth

BPS Dentures/Biofunctional Prosthetic System

These dentures provide a good opportunity to the patients who have lost a few teeth and do not want full mouth dentures. Some of their benefits are;

  • They can be designed as per the facial appearance of the patient
  • They can improve on the beauty
  • They are durable and require less adjustment
  • They can easily be used to meaning the person can talk, laugh normally as if they are normal teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used to fill up the whole mouth in case of patients who have lost all their teeth due to injury or extraction. These dentures can be divided into two namely;

Immediate dentures

These are fixed for a limited period of time normally in the first seven weeks after the removal of all your teeth and require adjustment during this period of time. Dentists fix immediate dentures in order to allow the gums to heal before other dentures are fixed.

Conventional dentures

These are fixed after the seven weeks when immediate dentures are removed. Complete dentures are made from acrylic which is plastic. These dentures have to be well taken care of just like the normal teeth to avoid decay and infections


Flexible Dentures

Complete dentures are used to fill up the whole mouth in case of patients who have lost all their teeth due to injury or extraction. These dentures can be divided into two namely;

Sunflex Dentures

Sunflex dentures can be fixed in a way that one cannot recognize that they are dentures. Clasp metals can be added in future and they are designed in a way that they are unbreakable. Patients get maximum comfort from these dentures since they are not stained easily and one can smile and laugh since they are of light weight

One Day Denture

The best advantage of these dentures is that they can be acquired any time one needs them especially just after a tooth extraction one can get a replacement that same day.

Dentures are artificial teeth but they act just as the natural teeth in case of extraction or injuries. Get yourself the best dentures here at our clinic and at an affordable price where the doctor will also advise you on how to take care of them

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