Why does Tooth Discoloration Happen?


    Why does Tooth Discoloration Happen?

    We all wish to have shiny and bright white teeth. For that, you need to follow a proper oral care regime. But, you might not know there are certain things which can lead to tooth discoloration. This guide will give you an insight into different reasons for tooth discoloration.


    When you meet someone with shiny pearl-like teeth, it leaves the best first impression. On the contrary, someone with yellow teeth will not give the same impression. When you visit the dentist, he will always tell you what you can do to get the white teeth. At the best dental clinic, you will get the personalized teeth whitening treatment. 

    Our doctor will give you combinational treatment which means in-office and at-home whitening products to get the bright smile you want. 

    But, what are the reasons which stain your teeth in the first place? Many patients are unaware of the daily activities which leave the teeth with shades of yellow. For your understanding, our doctor has shared the 3 most common reasons for tooth discoloration.

    • Food and Drink

    No doubt, we all love our morning coffee to start our day with a boost of energy. Unfortunately, excessive consumption of coffee can leave stains on the teeth. You should drink more than 2 cups of coffee in a day.

    Additionally, there are certain foods and drinks which can make this condition worse. Some of the options are pasta sauce, berries, and red wine. Do not worry, as our doctors can help you get your bright teeth back with a personalized teeth whitening treatment.

    • Poor Dental Hygiene

    Since childhood, we are all told about the importance of oral care regime. Following dental care, the routine is good for your overall health. So, brushing 2 times a day along with flossing will remove all the bacteria and food particles from the teeth. Moreover, this also prevents tooth discoloration. 

    It is never too late to follow proper dental hygiene. If you are facing any dental issue or want to know how to take care of your teeth then make your appointment with the doctor to have clean and healthy teeth. 

    • Tobacco

    Tobacco products are not only bad for your health but chewing tobacco pipes, cigarettes, and other tobacco products can damage your teeth and lead to tooth discoloration. Removing tobacco stains is very difficult from teeth. Unfortunately, the use of over-the-counter teeth whitening products will not work in this case. This is because with time the tobacco stain settles deep in the enamel. So, you must consult the doctor right away.


    Book your consultation with our experienced doctor to get the personalized teeth whitening sessions and the effective treatment for healthy & strong teeth.