Everything You Need To Know About Orthodontics


    Everything You Need To Know About Orthodontics

    The first thing everyone notices in a smile is the color of your teeth, along with how perfect your smile looks. Of course, when we are talking about the color of your teeth, you would need generic dental health tips, but you can’t properly align your teeth by brushing them daily.

    To do so, you would have to opt for special dental treatment methods, known as Orthodontic treatment.

    If you want a perfectly aligned smile, then Orthodontic treatment is perfect, and this post is the right place for you. We will discuss this treatment method, including its procedure method, orthodontic treatment cost in India, and many more.

    Who is an Orthodontist?

    If we look at the procedures and work of a dentist, they majorly focus on keeping an eye on dental health, keeping your teeth clean, and helping you get rid of various dental problems.

    But on the other hand, an orthodontist is someone who looks at the alignment of your teeth and gums.

    Keeping your teeth aligned and gums healthy will make your smile look better. Secondly, you would be able to chew your food better, and it helps keep your teeth cleaned better.

    There are different treatment methods applied by Orthodontists, with the help of which you can easily align your teeth properly and get treated.

    Treatment Methods offered by an Orthodontist

    Professional orthodontists offer treatment methods for aligning your teeth properly in two ways. The first uses the Invisalign treatment method, while the second uses traditional braces.

    Let us discuss about both these treatment methods:

    • The first treatment method is by using the Invisalign method, in which you would be provided with a high-quality invisible tray that you need to use as a cap on your teeth. With the help of this hard cap, you would be able to align your teeth properly, but you need to make sure that you use it for at least 22 hours a day.

    Although you can remove the cap to eat or to brush your teeth, based on your success rate, your orthodontist will let you know for how many months you would have to wear the cap regularly.

    While wearing this cap you will notice some changes in your verbal talk and speaking style.

    • The second treatment method uses traditional braces in which your teeth are connected with wires that keep your teeth aligned and connected. This way, your teeth could get in the right shape.

    As time passes, the wires are tightened with time. Hence, in this case, your orthodontist will also tell you about the overall time it will take to align your teeth.