Make Your Teeth Aware Of The Best Friends And Fake Friends


    Make Your Teeth Aware Of The Best Friends And Fake Friends

    Dentist in Ludhiana believes that your teeth are what you eat. If you eat well, then your teeth are good. On the other hand, if you eat something unhealthy, then how can you expect your teeth to be healthy? Trust me, They won’t. This is why we have decided to become a pioneer of the ‘Healthy Smiles’ Campaign in which the people of Ludhiana are made aware of the things which can make their teeth healthy.

    Stop Feeding Bacteria

    If you are having the yellow plaque affixed with your teeth which is not going away even when scrubbed, then it means you have been feeding the germs for so long.

    Did you know?

    When the sugar or starch hits the layer of plaque, then acids form in your mouth. Your teeth may keep on getting attacked by the acid for about 15 to 20 minutes. The regular attacks of these acids can break the hard enamel.

    Meet your Best Buddies

    Fibre Enriched foods

    Fibre enriched foods help to keep your teeth and gums clean. These help to keep up with the flow of saliva. The adequate flow of saliva is important for your teeth. It does contain calcium and phosphate. It restores the minerals to the areas where the teeth are becoming deficient.

    Dairy Products

    With cheese, the production of saliva increases. Dairy products do also contain calcium and phosphate that helps to build up the enamel on your teeth and put the minerals into the nutrient-deficient teeth. Since the use of dairy products is more in the dietary routine of the Ludhiana people, thus they do not suffer from the high intensity containing teeth or gum problems.

    Teas – Only Green and Black

    The consumption of tea is suggested because it contains polyphenols. It interacts with the plaque layer. These substances are known for either killing or holding your bacteria back. Once you drink these, then either the bacteria will get killed or will catch hold on from getting multiplied.

    Chewing Gum

    Chewing if sugarless must be consumed. It helps you to produce saliva. The food particles from the mouth will get eliminated once you start chewing it.

    Fluoride rich foods

    Drinking water that contains fluoride or eating fluoridated foods like seafood, poultry products etc are a great source of gaining fluoride.

    The Bully Guys

    Sweets or excessive sugar-containing candies

    Eating lollipops, Cakes, Jellies or Caramels is not at all good for your teeth.

    Foods with starch

    Potato chips or soft breaks or any other kind of foods that get stuck in your mouth and are enriched with starch should be avoided.


    Alcohol is the kind of substance that dries out your mouth. You need to make sure that you are not drinking it if you want a good family life and good dental health.

    Final Comments!

    Your teeth represent the goodness of your meal. Eating nutritious food signals clear, white, shining and bright teeth. On the other hand, eating food enriched with starch, mouth-drying properties or something else should be avoided.