Why should you prefer India for your dental treatment?


    Why should you prefer India for your dental treatment?

    Increasing demand for medical treatment in India among International patients

    What’s your perspective about Indian culture, people, food, and life? At first, it might be surprising for you in different ways, but as you dig deep there are various opportunities and benefits you can get while living in India. Most importantly, the healthcare sector has started to take a 360-degree turn.

    As innovation and advancement are sailing in India, more International patients now prefer to get medical treatment here.

    Let me tell you, in India the well-known hospitals conduct 30 heart surgeries every day, which is more than any other country in the world. Well! In this blog, my focus is on enlightening you about dental treatment. AT the end of the writing you will understand better on, ‘Why to consult the best dentist in Ludhiana?

    You know, ‘What do the patients want the most?’ – MINIMAL WAITING TIME. Indian medical tourism is your answer to the same.

    Medical Tourism in India – Why Choose India for medical treatment?

    Here are some of the key factors which tell about the continuous demand for medical tourism in India:

    • Indian surgeons are experienced, accredited, and have a thorough understanding of complex procedures
    • Indian dentists & doctors perform odd cases frequently
    • There is no such complex procedure to get a medical visa to begin the treatment in India.
    • Availability of advanced & improved diagnoses procedure.
    • The Indian dentist and surgeons have the expertise to perform surgery with inventive          treatment and by reducing the risk & complications.
    • Whether it is a complex, simple, or rare dental treatment all are available at a COST-EFFECTIVE rate.
    • From traveling to staying in India, everything can easily come under your budget.
    • The Indian doctors and staff are fluent in English, so there is no communication gap.

    Do you know?

    697,453 is the total count of international patients availing the benefit of medical treatment in India. Such a vast number clearly shows the trust foreign patients have in the Indian medical system.

    What are the benefits of applying for an Indian medical visa for dental treatment?

    • The count of dental laboratories is more than 500 in India.
    • High-tech and well-managed dental diagnostic tools are there.
    • Variegated dental equipment makers are present and some of the top names are KAVO G C, Vivadent, Coltene, Nobel Biocare, Ultradent, 3M, Ivoclar, and many more.
    • From India, many foreign countries get dental equipment & necessary tools.
    • Easy procedure to schedule appointment with the dentist
    • Overall expenses for dental treatment are significantly lower as compared to any other country.

    Dental Tourism Cost In India

    One thing is certain that dental treatment is highly affordable in India. The cost of the dental treatment begins anywhere from Rs 10,000 and it can go higher depending on which treatment you want to get. Additionally, the overall expenses of your medical tourism in India will include the following:

    • Two-way travel expenses
    • Medical visa
    • Treatment cost
    • Food & transportation
    • Accommodation for the patient and patient’s relatives
    • Cost of visiting tourist locations in India

    What are the types of Dental Surgery available in India?

    • Braces & Aligners
    • Bridges & Crowns
    • Root Canal Treatment
    • Scaling & root planing
    • Smile designing
    • Teeth Whitening
    • Gum Disease Treatment
    • Impacted tooth treatment
    • Improper alignment of teeth
    • Pediatric Dentistry
    • Preventive Dentistry
    • Cosmetic dentistry
    • Dental Fillings
    • Dentures
    • Dental Implants
    • Emergency dental care
    • Much More

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