What are the different stages of tooth decay and its prevention methods?


    What are the different stages of tooth decay and its prevention methods?

    Stages of Tooth Decay

    Tooth decay is damage that affects the teeth and it can result in cavities, tooth loss, and dental abscesses. The bacteria in plaque will convert the sugar into food and then it forms acids. Following good oral hygiene is important to reduce the chances of tooth decay. Consulting the best dentist in Ludhiana will tell you the right approach you need to follow. Make sure that you do not miss out on any appointment when you visit the best dental clinic in Ludhiana.

    Stage 1: Initial Demineralization

    • The outer tooth layer gets exposed to the tissue known as enamel.

    • When a tooth gets exposed to acids which makes it lose its minerals.

    • The problem results in white spots and this is the first sign of tooth decay.

    Stage 2: Enamel Decay

    • After the first stage, the enamel breaks down and white spots form into brown color.

    • As the enamel becomes weak the cavities are formed.

    Stage 3: Dentin Decay

    • Dentin is the tissue under the enamel. It is softer than enamel which makes it acidic. Dentin contains tubes that reach the nerves tooth.

    • After this, you might experience sensitivity when you eat hot or cold food.

    Stage 4: Pulp damage

    • Pulp is the innermost tooth layer and blood vessels & nerves are present in it which makes it healthy.

    • If the pulp gets damaged, the swelling increases. The nerves will have pressure which results in pain.

    Stage 5: Abscess

    • When tooth decay becomes severe, there are increased chances of infection with inflammation. The final stage is the formation of an abscess.

    • The problem results in severe pain which goes to the jaw. Apart from that, you will notice:

    • Swelling of face, jaw, & gums

    • Fever

    • Swollen lymph

    • Neck nodes

    It is essential to understand that you need to get the treatment right away, otherwise the problem will become severe & it increases the chances of infection in other parts of the mouth. In some cases, the affected tooth needs to be removed.

    What are the prevention methods?

    No doubt, you need to follow a good oral care regimen to reduce the chances of tooth decay. Some of the additional strategies which are suggested by the dentist to avoid the possibility of tooth decay are mentioned below:

    • Consult the dentist

    Make sure that you consult the dentist from time to time. Most importantly, you should visit for routine dental check-ups, cleaning, and oral examinations.

    • Brush the teeth

    You must brush your teeth 2 times a day. Along with that, you should floss your teeth.

    • Drink water from the tap

    Tap water is filled with fluoride and it helps to keep the enamel strong & the chances of tooth decay are strong.

    • Limit sweet products

    You should limit the consumption of food and drinks which are filled with sweetener or sugar. If you do so, the chances of tooth decay are reduced to a great extent.

    In case you are experiencing tooth sensitivity, tooth pain, or swelling around the mouth, then make sure to consult the dentist right away.