What can you expect during your initial dental care appointment?


    What can you expect during your initial dental care appointment?

    No doubt, your smile is the best thing but that is not all. There are a lot of things which you have to be careful about like making sure your chew is proper, your teeth are not wobbly, and there is not any risk that you will get a cavity. In that case, the importance of visiting the best dentist in Ludhiana is the first thing which you have to do. Although it is not just a one-time thing, you need to visit the dental clinic regularly to make sure your teeth are free from any sort of dental problem.

    What does a dentist do?

    Dentists are the ones who take proper care of your teeth and ensure your teeth are in the right shape. The dentist is going to check that your teeth are strong and your gums do not have any kind of problem. When you choose to consult the dentist from an early age, it will ensure that your teeth are growing correctly. So, every 6 months you need to visit the dentist.

    What can you expect during the dental appointment?

    Initially, you will be taken to the exam room and then you need to sit on the recliner chair. Rest your head on it and lie down comfortably. When your teeth are being cleaned you can spit in the sink which is placed right next to you. During the dental visit, you can expect that your dentist does the cleaning, flossing, and cavities are examined.

    What is the procedure of teeth cleaning and teeth checking?

    When you visit the clinic you are expected to meet the dental hygienist and they will be there to ensure your teeth are clean & healthy. This way it will be easier for you to keep the gum and teeth healthy. In case, there seems to be an issue then you will be suggested the best treatment plan accordingly so that the problem does not get worse. The dentist will use an overhead light in which a flashlight is out into the mouth to have a better look at the teeth.

    Additionally, the dentist is going to use various tools like mirrors, tooth scrapers, and special toothbrushes. Through the scraper, the plaque is removed which gets stuck on the teeth and all the necessary bacteria is taken out.

    What approach is used by the dentist to check for cavities?

    On your dental visit, the dentist is going to make sure that there is no problem with cavities. Additionally, an X-ray is done to better look at the teeth. Through the same teeth and gums are also checked. The X-ray used for the procedure is not going to hurt you at any cost.

    During the appointment, the dentist will even have a better look at your top & bottom teeth working. In case you have concerns about your teeth then make sure that you ask the dentist without any stress.

    What is included in the fluoride treatment?

    Fluoride is a natural mineral that is needed to make the teeth strong and prevent them from getting any cavities. During the application of fluoride, the dentist will apply foam or gel on your teeth. The necessary foam applied on the teeth has the flavor of grape or bubblegum. After the treatment, you should not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes.

    What treatment is suggested for cavities?

    In case, there is any cavity, then you will be asked to come to the clinic. For the cavities treatment, you will be given anesthesia around the affected tooth to make it numb. Through the use of a special dental tooth, the decayed part is taken out and then into the teeth, silver filling or tooth-colored material is taken out.