Which are the similarities & differences in b/w the dentists and the orthodontist?


    Which are the similarities & differences in b/w the dentists and the orthodontist?

    According to the dentists practising in the Ludhiana Dental centre, “ It is very much important to visit a dentist at least two to three times a year for the checkup and cleaning. But when exactly does it need to see the orthodontist?”

    I know, it is easy for us to find out when we should visit the dentist in Ludhiana but it is extremely difficult for us to know the right time to visit the orthodontist.

    It is because we do not know the similarities and differences in the roles and responsibilities of a dentist and an orthodontist.

    If you are also the one who does not know the difference between the orthodontist and the dentist, then our today’s blog is going to work wonders in enhancing your knowledge:

    Initial training is the same

    When both of these professionals begin their careers in the dental field, then the training to progress further is always the same. In the case of the dentist, the training gets over so soon, but the orthodontist has to complete the further training after they have attained the graduate degree.

    Becoming a dentist

    To become a qualified and licensed dentist, then the studies are to be done following the American Dental Association. It requires eight years of study – 4 years for completing the undergraduate program and the other 4 years are required to be spent in dental school.

    Did you know?

    The apprentices aspiring to get their names prefixed with either DDS or DMD, they require to pass the following mentioned examinations:

    • Rigorous written examination

    • Clinical Licensing Exam

    Becoming an orthodontics

    In case the apprentice studying in the dental fold wants to pursue a career in the orthodontic department, then they have to take further specialised training.

    Did you know?

    Only 6 percent of dentists prefer to step into the field of orthodontics.

    What exactly do the dentists do?

    The dentists are responsible for dealing with the overall health of the patient. Here is a mention of some of the things which the dentists are specialised in treating:

    • Regular checkups

    • Spotting of the Cavities

    • Treatment of the cavities

    • Mild Gum diseases

    • Treatment of all kinds of the oral hygiene problems

    Apart from that, if the functioning and the aesthetics of the gums are to be improved, then the dentists are only the dental health professionals whose help we should take.

    To treat the teeth that are suffering from the following kinds of problems, the dentists apply the crowns, bonds or veneers:

    • Broken

    • Chipped

    • Misshapen

    • Severely decayed

    What Do Orthodontists Do?

    These are the kind of specialists that are trained and have a great deal of specialisation in aligning the jaws. Here are some of the things which orthodontists can treat:

    • Correction of the crowded teeth

    • Gaps between the teeth

    • Sticking teeth

    • Improper alignment of the jaws

    Final Comments!

    If any of our readers are still left with some kind of doubt regarding the roles and responsibilities of the dentists and the orthodontists, then please let us know.