Ludhiana Dental Centre’s Special Guide – What are the Gum Problems?


    Ludhiana Dental Centre’s Special Guide – What are the Gum Problems?

    The dentists of Ludhiana Dental Centre have emphasized to never ignore the health of the gums. The gums are one of the important elements of the daily oral health care routine.

    No matter, whether you are:

    • Visiting a dentist regularly or not?

    • Brushing your teeth twice a day or not?

    You may or may not still miss out on the important care concerning the gums.

    Not every time you need filling

    There may be sometimes when your gums are swollen and sore, but you start thinking that it is the filling only that you are requiring. But it does not happen every time. Sometimes it is just the intense care which your teeth need.

    Which are the symptoms of gum sensitivity?

    • If your gums are emerging to be swollen or tender, then it could be because of gingivitis or gum diseases. These are the two common kinds of problems that people usually neglect.

    • There could be other times as well in which your gums may suffer from extreme sensitivity to hotness or coldness.

    Did you know?

    For most gum problems, it is gingivitis that can be held accountable.

    There could be some other causes of the sore gums like the following:


    • Brushing too hard

    There are many people whose gums are usually sensitive to the pressures, particularly if they are suffering from some kind of gum disease. So make sure you are neither brushing too hard nor using hard toothpaste.

    Did you know?

    When you are brushing your teeth, the technique to be used for the brushing motions is also important. Also, you need to make sure that you are using the soft-bristled toothbrush.

    How to brush?

    The right technique to brush commences with the massaging of the gums. These are to be massaged in the back and the forth motions. Only with the help of this method can we harshly remove the bacteria.

    Note: In case, you find out that the toothpaste you are using is not suiting your guns because of its hard nature, then you can surely go for using the sensitive toothpaste.

    • Changes in the hormones

    When the hormones of the individual are getting changed, then there are high chances that the sensitivity of the gums will get affected.

    Did you know?

    The American Dental Association has proposed the evidence of gums being sensitive immediately after the changes in the hormones are experienced.

    • Food Irritation

    If the individual consumes either the acidic foods or the oral appliances, then both of these are accountable for causing sensitivity to the gums.

    How do acidic foods affect the gums?

    These foods are not only irritating but also make the sores visible on the tender tissue of the gumline. So you need to make sure that you are neither consuming citrus fruits nor soft drinks.

    Final Comments!

    We cannot deny the importance of visiting the dentist regularly for a check-up. It ensures that you are not letting any dental problem get progressed.