What are the types of dental filling you can get at Ludhiana Dental Care?


    What are the types of dental filling you can get at Ludhiana Dental Care?

    Dental filling treatment in Ludhiana

    The procedure of dental filling is the most common treatment patients undergo at Ludhiana Dental Care to deal with cavities. One of the stats has shown that the problem of dental cavities among the Indian population is reported to be around 31.5% to 89%. It is right to say that a person will have a dental cavity at least once in their lifetime.

    Dr. Bikramjit Singh Dhillon is one of the well-known dentist in Ludhiana who is helping patients to get the dental filling procedure with ease and through the use of the latest procedure.

    Types of dental filling best suited for your teeth

    You might have heard about the type of tooth filling i.e. silver one which is easily noticeable when the person talks or laughs. Although, the options of dental filling are much more than you have thought of. If you are wondering, ‘What are the different types?’, then continue reading the next section of the blog.

    Dental filling types available at Ludhiana Dental Care

    • Amalgam tooth filling

    An amalgam tooth filling is a silver filling which is a common and durable type. This type of filling has been in use for many years and mostly it is used for teeth back. Talking about the durability and chewing pressure makes it a great option.

    Although, going for this can make you have trouble discoloring, fractures, or cracks in the nearby teeth. It is even possible to notice hot & cold sensitivity.

    • Tooth-colored composite filling

    A tooth-colored composite filling can match its tooth color. Patients who have earlier got the amalgam tooth filling to go for this option. The composite filling is known for its chemical bond feature, so this is the reason it gives support to the nearby tooth. The composite filling is best for:

    • Fixing chips in the teeth

    • Address the small gaps

    But, to get these done you need to spend more time and it is a costly option. This is the reason patients go for amalgam tooth filling.

    • Gold tooth filling

    Now, if you want to choose something extra then the gold tooth filling makes the best choice. Strength & durability is the major reason many people go for this. But, as we are talking about gold then it is obvious the cost is much more than the other options. To get this done, you need to go to the clinic at least 2 times.

    • Ceramics and glass Ionomer tooth filling

    Although, it is not that much preferred. The ceramics are made with porcelain & are extremely durable. Talking about glass, these are made from acrylic and glass. Best suited for the gumline which helps the teeth to get the right support.

    Which type of dental filling is best for my teeth?

    At Ludhiana Dental Care, the dentist only suggests the best possible option for you by checking your dental history and overall oral health. Make sure that you visit the dentist at least 2 times a year to get the dental checkup and point to the tooth decay on time.

    Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Bikramjit Singh Dhillon to take the best care of your oral health.