Top Ten Facts about Tooth Whitening


    Top Ten Facts about Tooth Whitening

    Teeth whitening can be confusing for some people if they are getting it done for the first time. Some interesting facts which you should know about tooth whitening.

    • Not harmful to your teeth

    This process is very safe as it does not harm or cause any damage to the teeth. During the process, active ingredients are used which open the pores in the teeth and the stains are cleaned. After each session, your teeth will naturally rehydrate and remineralize.

    • The delivery device is essential

    The products available in the market have similar active ingredients for cleaning the teeth. However, the difference is in the delivery device which holds the whitening agent on the tooth. It is essential that it should have a custom-fitted whitening tray. Due to this, every tooth will get even and proper coverage. You should get the treatment from the best dentist in Ludhiana.

    • Tooth sensitivity is normal

    During the process, the patient will feel tooth sensitivity which is very normal. This happens because the teeth become dehydrated for some time and it decreases their capacity to insulate the nerve. However, the sensitivity will go away in 12-36 hours. After the treatment, the dentist recommend fluoride treatment which can nourish the teeth

    • Stains do not vanish instantly

    It does not vanish the stains instantly. The process takes at least 4 days to show the final results. In some cases, it even takes one month to notice effective results. It is important that you have to the patient during the entire process.

    • Does not affect caps and veneers

    Some patients have artificial caps and veneers attached to your tooth. In this case, the color will not be changed throughout the entire process.

    • Use the whitening product

    Use the whitening product before you go to the bed as it reduces the chance of stain to occur again. Otherwise, the teeth might get stained again if you don’t take proper care.

    Ultra-violet light helps in increasing the whitening gel’s effect. This process can happen is carried out the dentist’s supervision. Although after the process the teeth may get white very quickly it may harm the teeth sensitivity. Also, the results are temporary, and it is expensive as well as time-consuming.

    • Restore the natural color

    The treatment helps in restoring the natural color of the teeth. The process will not make the teeth more while as compared to the original.

    • Results are not permanent

    The results are not going to last for a lifetime. It depends on how you take care and you have to avoid food or drinks which can stain the teeth.

    • Dental insurance does not cover the cost

    If you choose to get this treatment than keep in mind that dental insurance is not going to cover the cost. So, you have to pay the entire cost of the treatment.