Tips to whiten Yellow Teeth


    Tips to whiten Yellow Teeth

    Yellowish and stained teeth are a common problem among each age group across the world. This condition happens due to poor nutrition, over-consumption of tea or coffee, drugs, certain types of medications, and bad habits. There is no doubt that sugary foods are additionally responsible for oral problems and yellowish teeth. Many people visit the dentist In Punjab in order to get the proper treatment for this condition, but some person leans toward natural remedies. These remedies include lemon and orange peel, charcoal, and apple vinegar. Tooth whitening kits and toothpaste also give you white and clean teeth.

    Tips To Clean Yellow Teeth-Stains

    Eat healthily

    You should consume a healthy diet full of proteins, minerals, and fibers because it will give you the strength to fight with bacteria and germs. In addition, you should avoid sugary foods because these can lead to many oral problems. People who drink excess coffee and tea are most likely at danger to encounter this stained teeth condition.

    Teeth whitening kit

    You must visit the dental clinic in order to get treatment or routine check-up. Then your dentist will suggest you use teeth whitening kits because it gives you effective results in less span of time. You can also prepare your tooth whitening kits at home with the help of bleach if you are unable to make kits at home than you must follow dental clinic. You should use these kits twice a week for better results.

    Whitening toothpaste

    There are various types of whitening toothpaste that will give relief from gum problems as well. You can easily buy them from the nearest medical store but make sure you do not apply them without prescription if you have any oral problem. Moreover, many people use whitening gel and liquids because it gives you relief from pain as well.

    Daily Maintenance

    Daily maintenance is necessary because it will give you long term relief and white teeth. You must brush twice a day in order to remove waste food from your gums and spaces between teeth. In addition, you must avoid excessive consumption of snacks, oily food, and sticky things. Since these types of foods can lead to cavities and yellowish teeth.


    Charcoal is a product which removes the toxins from your body in order to protect it from harmful germs. Activated charcoal is useful to whiten the yellow teeth at home. You should wet your toothbrush first and then dip it into activated charcoal powered. After this, you should apply this powered on your teeth in order to remove the stains.

    You can additionally, use it as a liquid form in order to clean your mouth.

    Lemon and orange peels

    These both are citrus fruits which offer you many benefits such as weight loss and useful for dehydration. These are not only reasons to consume these fruits but the peels also useful for tooth whitening process. Since these, both contain beneficial acids that can help you to clean your mouth and stained teeth. Moreover, you can additionally use the hydrogen peroxide which is explained as an oral rinse formula that gives you better results.