Gray Teeth: Causes and Treatments Available


    Gray Teeth: Causes and Treatments Available

    For some people, flossing and brushing do not help in getting proper white teeth. The person gets yellow, brown, gray and sometimes it is also blue. This means you might be having a dental problem.

    Causes of Gray Teeth

    • Natural tooth color

    Naturally, the teeth come in different colors and shades. One of the major cause of tooth discoloration is a genetic condition which is known as dentinogenesis imperfecta. This condition affects the tooth structure as well as the appearance of the teeth.

    • Taking the antibiotic

    There are some patients who take antibiotics such as tetracycline at a very young age which also results in discoloration. The tooth gets affected and it gets gray or yellow in color which is often in the pattern of horizontal stripes. This condition is permanent and regular brushing won’t make any difference. You should visit our dental clinic and get the treatment for teeth whitening.

    • Dental restoration

    Another reason the teeth gets Gray in color is because of dental restoration. Glass ionomer silver-colored amalgam, porcelain, and metal crowns may appear gray in color at the surface of the tooth. It happens because of the metallic color showing through a porcelain surface or translucent enamel. If this happened because of silver fillings then the dentist will re-fill the tooth with a white amalgam. You should get the treatment from the best dentist.

    • Dead teeth

    Some patients notice that they only get one of few teeth in gray color. This happens because the teeth have died. You might think that teeth are lifeless so how they can die? The teeth surface contain living pulp and nerves. Moreover, if the teeth are damaged because of trauma or infection then the pulp and nerves will automatically die. Eventually, this leads to gray or black teeth. Additionally, bacteria can enter the dead tooth where space is empty and this can cause an abscess. In this case, the tooth which is decayed have to be removed but the dentist can save the tooth with the root canal.


    Tooth discoloration can be treated with porcelain veneers, as they are placed over the natural teeth. Due to this, teeth which are chipped, cracked, crooked, or broken are also solved. Some patient chooses composite fillings because with this the teeth are given a natural color which they already have.

    It is important that you consult the dentist so that he can evaluate the condition and give you the best option of treatment.