Teeth Whitening Strips Or A Visit To Dentist Which Is Best


    Teeth Whitening Strips Or A Visit To Dentist Which Is Best

    White teeth brings a smile on the face of the person. A person can smile confidently if his teeth are white. For whitening the teeth the person has two options one is dentist office whitening while the other is home whitening.

    What Is Dentist Office Whitening?

    Dentist office whitening is a process which is performed by experts and gives 100% reliable results. The process is performed by the experts gives more reliable results because of the use of high bleaching powders and high concentration of bleaching gels.

    Dentists who practice this are able to brighten the teeth up to 10 Shades in just an hour. They also provide whitening trays and whitening kits which the person can take it at home and use it further. If the person wants instant results he can opt for dentist office whitening process.

    The process does not involve any pain and hence is painless. If anyone wants to do it at home he can take 45 minutes session and after the training he can do the process at home.

    Steps about how the process is done:

    1. Specially formulated Hydrogen Peroxide Gel is applied on the teeth.
    2. The stains that are left on the teeth due to the consumption of dark coloured beverages are lightened or sometimes in some of the cases the stains perish off.
    3. The process is then completed and the teeth becomes brighter up to 10 shades and can last for a period of several years but only with proper care and attention taken.

    Teeth of the person are maintained and all the stains from the teeth are eliminated by the use of this process.

    At Home Whitening:

    At home whitening is a method which the person can do himself at home and will not cost much as compared to dentist office cleaning. It is comparatively cheaper than office whitening. For this the person does not need to visit the dentist and can buy the products and do it himself at home. At home whitening brings a little change in the colour of the teeth that is so because the products have small amount of hydrogen peroxide present in them.  Change is not much in case of home whitening.

    If a person wants lighter whitening for the teeth he can prefer home teeth whitening but if he wants extreme whitening of the teeth he must go for dentist office whitening.

    Home whitening products include:

    • Teeth whitening strips
    • Boil and bite whitening trays
    • LED teeth whitening pens
    • Custom fitted whitening trays

    Whitening toothpastes do not form any part of it as they do not offer any reliable results to the people.

    How to use teeth whitening strips?

    These teeth whitening strips can be used by the person either once or twice in a day. The time duration is between 30 minutes to 120 minutes which totally depends upon the brand you are using. These can offer up to 2 -4 Shades brighter teeth and not much than this.