Tooth Sensitivity – Causes and Treatments


    Tooth Sensitivity – Causes and Treatments

    Tooth sensitivity is a common problem of dental health these days. You may experience this problem due to many factors. This is the problem which usually faced by adults due to poor nutrition, bad brushing habits, and lifestyle changes. Moreover, you may experience enamel or decay under your tooth that’s why you experience this condition.

    Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

    The word tooth sensitivity refers to the pain or discomfort which you feel in one or more teeth. You may encounter this tooth sensitivity condition due to bad eating regimen such as too cold or too hot food or we can say due to processed foods because these foods are harmful to your oral health and overall health as well.

    Tooth Grinding-:

    If you have a habit to grind your teeth while sleeping then this condition is normal. Moreover, in this situation you must talk to the best dentist in Ludhiana he will surely suggest something different in order to get rid of this problem.

    Overzealous Brushing-:

    When you brush too much and hard as well then you will definitely encounter this condition. Because with the hard toothbrush may your tooth enamel wear down and cause tooth sensitivity. In this way, you have to visit a dental clinic in Ludhiana so that you can get relief from your problem.

    Dental Cleaning and RCT

    When you take dental cleaning or any other type of dental treatment then it will lead you to sensitivity. In this way, you have to wait for one or two days because it can go away itself.

    Gum Diseases

    Gum diseases are also responsible for tooth sensitivity because these are caused due to the consumption of drugs or poor eating habits. You may experience gum diseases due to bad habits of brushing and flossing.

    Tips To Get Rid Of This Tooth Sensitivity Problems

    • You have to brush daily twice a day but with a soft brush and use only tooth sensitive toothpaste.
    • You should avoid sticky and oily foods because these are responsible for sensitivity and some other types of oral problems.
    • Must visit the dentist once so that he can suggest you something in order to get relief from this sensitivity conditions.
    • Floss every day because this is useful to remove bad odor from your mouth and reduce the risk of serious dental problems.
    • Quit smoking and limit your consumption of alcohol because these can lead to sensitivity and oral cancer as well.