Most Common Questions About Teeth Straightening


    Most Common Questions About Teeth Straightening

    Do I have more choices besides braces?

    No, sadly there are not many choices or alternatives to braces. But, the metal braces have choices. You can go for clear or tooth-colored brackets and wires, which can make the braces less noticeable. Many patients can go for Invisalign rather than the traditional braces. Some of the patients are seen choosing veneers rather than braces.

    What is the minimum age to get braces?

    As such, there is no minimum age for getting braces. The best time considered is between the ages of 10 -1 4years. This is the time when the mouth and head are still growing and permanent teeth start growing. The correct time depends on growth and also how quickly the child’s adult teeth erupt. But, braces are seen to e effective in teenagers and adults.

    Till when can people wear braces?

    It is recommended that kids wear braces for 3 years, but this can differ from child to child and also on the level of the problem. It also depends upon how much oral care the person takes, whether he avoids junk food or not.

    Can an adult wear braces?

    It depends on the adult and his / her problem. But, still, braces are considered as effective for adults as they are for children. Many adults opt for braces while growing up because their teeth have changed as they have started getting older. Wearing braces means more straight teeth. It is seen as a good way of investment.

    What functions do braces serve?

    Many people get braces for cosmetic reasons but straight teeth have many benefits. It is much easier to clean straight teeth, clean teeth mean no tooth cavity.

    I have a very bad experience of braces while I was young and don’t wish to again try them. Any advice?

    That must be a long time back when you had them, but now they are less noticeable and also less painful. You can now ask for Invisalign, they are much less noticeable and even the metal ones have become much small in size.

    I have heard so much about teeth straightening surgery, can you please enlighten me more on the same?

    Teeth straightening surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery. This works for all those people who have problems with their skeleton.