Are Dental Implants As Strong As Natural Teeth


    Are Dental Implants As Strong As Natural Teeth

    Dental implants are necessary when you encounter excessive tooth decay and crack in the tooth. It can only be treated with the surgery which is totally safe and effective to fill gaps and decayed tooth. In addition, dental implants can last a lifetime but depend on care. They not only give you natural appeal but also a too strong and permanent solution. Moreover, you feel comfortable after implants because you can easily chew and eat everything. It is essential to have bone because it will ensure you about the success of the implants. Since these bones offer support to your teeth while chewing.

    A material of Dental Implants

    Dental implants are made of titanium, it is one of the strongest material. This material is useful to resist corrosion. In addition, implants have three parts such as a post, a ceramic crown, and an abutment. These all have different functioning, for example, a post is placed into the jawbone and ceramic crown functions as a replacement of the tooth. These all are made of strong material such as titanium which gives strength as a natural tooth.

    Moreover, implants do not vulnerable to tooth decay as natural teeth. Natural teeth are susceptible to decay because our mouth is full of bacteria. And this bacteria combines with sugars and drinks that are responsible for the creation of acids. And these acids attacks lead to cavities and tooth decay, which can result in tooth loss. In this way, implants and crowns are considered as solid and durable as compared to natural teeth. If you have any doubt regarding implants than you should converse with your dentist so that you can get proper information about the implants. You should also take routine check-ups in order to reduce the risk of oral health problems because your oral health describes the overall health.

    Can Dental Implant crack?

    These types of implants are made of strong material known as titanium which is totally safe and fracture-free. These implants cannot break or fracture as a natural tooth. Additionally, the excessive or extreme force is only responsible for breakage of the crown because it is made of ceramic. In order to reduce the risk of breakage, you do not use your teeth as a hard tool. You should avoid cutting nails, chewing ice with the teeth because it can lead to breakage and crack. Moreover, our nails contain various type of germs and bacteria which are harmful to oral and overall health.