What Is Tooth Discoloration? Common Foods That Stain Your Teeth


    What Is Tooth Discoloration? Common Foods That Stain Your Teeth

    Tooth discoloration happens because of surface stains, changes in the tooth material or it can be a combination of both. It includes three different categories which are given below.

    • Extrinsic discoloration
    • Intrinsic discoloration
    • Age-related discoloration

    Stain on the teeth can occur because of different reasons such as your food preferences, oral hygiene, medication, and drink choices. You should consult the doctor if you are facing the issue as he can guide you with the methods of teeth whitening. Some common food item that can stain your teeth is mentioned below.

    • Citrus and acidic food

    If you notice yellow teeth then the prime reason for this is acidic food. No doubt, they are packed with nutrients but they can erode the enamel which makes the teeth yellow in color.

    • Coffee

    Some people like starting there morning by having a cup of coffee. But you might not know that it contains  tannins (acidic polyphenols) which can lead to discoloration and staining. Additionally, it also alters the pH balance of the mouth and if you eat any acidic food after that your teeth will get damage more quickly.

    • Sports drink

    The acidic drink also affects and damage your teeth. A sports drink can erode enamel and this gives rise to the stain on the teeth. To avoid the problem it is better to drink water while you are working out.

    • Fruit and Berries

    There is some fruit which can stain the teeth such as cherries, blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranate. Not only this, juices and pies which are made using these fruits can also affect the teeth. However, white grapes or white cranberries do not cause a stain on the teeth. But they can make the enamel soft and weak.

    • Sweets

    No doubt, it is everyone favorite food. But it can also damage and stain your teeth. Those delicious treats such as cookies and hard candy can latch on your teeth and this gives rise to bacteria in your mouth. The bacteria releases the acids which lead to tooth decay which is dark and cause a hole in the teeth.

    • Red wine

    If you notice gray teeth then the reason is red wine and they are more difficult to remove as compared to yellowish stain. For this, you should limit the consumption of red wine.

    • Soda

    Not only sugary snacks can affect the teeth but sugar-laden beverages also do the same. It also gives plenty of space to the bacteria to feed in your mouth. They are very dangerous so you should avoid drinking soda.