Is There A Age Limit For Dental Implant Treatment


    Is There A Age Limit For Dental Implant Treatment

    Dental Implants procedure has become an extremely popular dental procedure. No doubt, there are various benefits of this treatment who have missing teeth one, few or all. You can say definitely say that it is the most advanced method of getting the missing tooth replaced. Many patients ask us whether there is any age restriction on getting dental implant treatment. The answer is the simple word is no.

    How does dental implant work?

    The implant contains a titanium post with an abutment (for support) and it also contains a prosthetic crown. The dental surgeon will place the titanium post into the jawbone. After that for a few weeks, the dentist and surgeon will wait till the time surrounding bone get stick to the titanium post. This is because it helps the post to turn into a permanent fixture.

    Once the post is fixed properly, the abutment is attached to it for support. Due to this, the crown will be placed in the right place. The titanium post act as root as well as it helps the surrounding bone to stimulate properly. Additionally, this will also prevent the bone from getting shrink further.

    What is the age limit to get the implant?

    For undergoing the procedure of implant there are mainly two requirements.

    • If the patient has good oral health then he can get the treatment at any age.
    • There should be enough bone to take the implant.

    This means that if the patient is suffering from any kind of gum disease and have bacteria then the implants won’t give the best results. Well, it means before getting the implant it is essential to treat the other oral condition so that implant is not affected.

    Keep this thing in mind that age won’t affect your chances of getting the implant. The only thing which is a must is having a high level of oral hygiene and good overall health. This means that even if the patient is 80 years old or 70 years old, they can still undergo the procedure. The patient will get the same benefit which the patient of 20 or 40 years will get. But getting the implant before the age of 17 or 18 as that time the jawbone is not fully developed.  

    In old people, there is one thing which might affect the chances is bone loss. But no need to worry as it can also be corrected by a bone graft. Another choice is to get the mini-implants as do not require the same amount of bone which is needed in the regular implants. So, it means with implants the quality of life is improved as a person is able to chew and eat in a better way.