Does Sports Drink Harm Teeth?


    Does Sports Drink Harm Teeth?

    Chances are that you already might know drinking sweet drinks can lead to a tooth problem. Take the preventive measures is the best way to reduce the need for an emergency visit to the hospital.

    Surprisingly one of the thing which is harming the teeth which you take to stay physically fit. These days, everyone is more concerned about their health. It is very common to find runners, bicyclists, and walkers on the road.

    But you might not know this the drinks which you consume to keep your body fit and in shape in eventually harmful for your teeth. Many studies have shown that people are consuming sports drink in excess which damages their teeth. This is especially common among adolescents. The drinks have a high acidity level which erodes the tooth enamel which is the tooth outer layer.

    The drinks can lead to excessive tooth wear and even damage the bone underneath it. This will make the tooth soft and weak. Additionally, it can even lead to severe tooth damage and tooth loss.

    Another surprising fact is that one in three parents allow their children to consume the sports drink. Moreover, there are many people who still not adhere to the rule of brushing twice a day which is recommended by every dentist. If you even ask the people they don’t even remember when they last visited the dental clinic.

    Why Sports Drink Are Harmful?

    The sports drink are helpful for athletes who are fighting with the issue of dehydration, muscle cramps, and heatstroke. The drinks contain a high amount of sugar which can damage the enamel and even result in cavities.

    Actually, they were created to drink at a specific event not for consuming them on an everyday basis. But, now you can see them being sold at every place as a product to consume on a daily basis. No doubt, many athletes like them so that that they include the drink as a part of their diet.  

    How To Get Rid Of Damaged Teeth Due To Sports Drink?

    • In case, you need or want to drink it then you should drink them fast. Do not sip it. Make sure even if you drink them, they should not be consumed for more than one hour.
    • In case, you are drinking it while walking, cycling, or jogging then it would be better if you start drinking water instead of it.
    • While drinking it use straw as the liquid won’t touch the teeth directly. Once you are done you should rinse your mouth properly with water as it helps in removing the acids and sugar from the teeth. Keep this thing in mind that it would be best if you brush the teeth after drinking it immediately.