Everyday Tips for Good Healthy Teeth


    Everyday Tips for Good Healthy Teeth

    Good Oral health does not only means having a gorgeous smile and shiny pearly whites.

    There are many reasons to follow good oral health and why not? We all want that sparkling teeth and smile. Oral health is not only related to cavities and gum disease. Many research has shown that there is a link between mouth health and overall health.

    Not following proper oral health routine can lead to various problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, severe pain in the teeth, and even tooth loss. However, these things can be prevented with proper dental care. Here are a few dental tips which can help to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

    • Brush twice a day and gently

    We all have heard this practice of brushing twice a day. But you will be surprised to know this not everyone follows this rule. This really helps in removing the plaque and bacteria from the teeth. But it is also essential to do it in the correct manner.

    The best way is to brush in a circular motion, then take a brush to front, top, and back. Do this for around 2 to 3 minutes. Do not brush too hard as it can damage the tooth enamel and gums. Additionally, the dentist always recommends changing the brush every 3 months.

    • Visit a dentist

    It is very essential that you visit the dental clinic to keep the teeth checked. This way if the problem arises it can be dealt at the right time. The doctor will also tell you all the tips which will help you care your teeth in an effective manner.

    • Use a mouthwash

    Some studies have shown that using the mouthwash also helps to take care of the teeth. The mouthwash which contains chlorhexidine help to control the gingivitis and plaque. In case, you are not sure then you should seek the help of the doctor as they will according to your need and problem.

    • Reduce the intake of sugary food

    We all like eating sugary food but eating too much can damage the teeth which are in the form of cavities. Additionally, food items like pasta, bread, and chips can also lead to tooth decay. It would best if you switch to fresh fruits and vegetables.

    • Drink water

    Drinking plenty of water is also beneficial for good oral health. This also helps in producing saliva which helps to protect the teeth. So, make sure you drinking water instead of consuming sugary drinks.

    • Do not smoke

    Smoking is not only bad for health but is also harm the tissues which help in protecting the teeth. Moreover, it also leaves a stain on the teeth. So, it is essential that you do not involve in anything which affects the teeth.