Causes Of Teeth Sensitivity And Treatments Available


    Causes Of Teeth Sensitivity And Treatments Available

    Everyone loves eating ice cream but what if having even one bite is making you feel uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. You are not alone if you are facing this issue as there are many people who are suffering from the same issue. The pain caused by eating cold or hot food can be a sign of cavity but this issue is common for those people who have sensitive teeth. In some cases it is temporary and it might affect one tooth, several teeth, or all of them. Every person has a different cause of there problem and some of them can be treated by following good oral hygiene. Here are some causes are given for tooth sensitivity.

    • In some cases, people have naturally sensitive teeth because of thinner enamel. The tooth is protected by the enamel which is the outer layer. The enamel can be worn down because you are brushing your teeth extremely hard, using a hard toothbrush. This will affect the enamel and also result in gum recession.
    • Additionally, gum recession can also cause tooth sensitivity as it leaves sections of the teeth which are unprotected and exposed.
    • Over time when you do not care proper care, the plaque starts building up and it makes the tooth sensitive. If the problem in increasing then you should consult the dentist for the treatment.
    • The enamel can also wear down because of teeth grinding or clenching.
    • Using the mouthwash for a long time can also result in the issue of tooth sensitivity. This is because some mouthwash contains acids which can harm the dentin (one of the layers of teeth). You should use mouthwash which contains neutral fluoride as it is the best and safe option.
    • One of the conditions which can result in tooth sensitivity is Gastroesophageal reflux (GERD). In this, the acid comes up from the stomach which makes the tooth sensitive and over time the problem increases.
    • People who eat or drink acidic food and beverages daily also face this issue.

    How to treat the problem?

    Make sure you choose the toothpaste on which it is mentioned specially for sensitive teeth. Additionally, they do not contain any type of ingredients which harm the teeth. If you want to use a mouth wash then you should choose alcohol-free mouthwash. You should use a toothbrush which is soft and brush very gently. In case if these things are not working then you should visit the dental clinic for the treatment. The doctor will let you know which toothpaste and mouthwash you should use. He may apply fluoride gel which helps the teeth to become strong as well as protect the teeth.