How tobacco use affects the oral health?


    How tobacco use affects the oral health?

    Dental problems are very common if you do not take care of properly. It has been seen that the use of tobacco can adversely affect the oral health. The use of tobacco can also affect the oral health. If you are not aware then read the given topic as we have mentioned everything in detail.

    In the world, China produces and consumes tobacco in high amount. After that, it is India.

    According to the global report of WHO, people over the age of 15 use tobacco which is around 35%. additionally, there are 10 lakh Indians who die because of its consumption.

    Well, in the past 2 to 3 years the consumption of tobacco has declined a lot. This is true that its use is not at all safe for health. No doubt, many things are written on the effect of tobacco on the person’s health. Here, we will tell you about the effect of tobacco on oral health.

    • Tooth discoloration

    Teeth can easily absorb the nicotine. Nicotine is colorless as it gets combined with oxygen which changes the teeth color from white to yellow. People who chew tobacco, nicotine gets combined with saliva as it forms the dark brown liquid which stays in the mouth which stains the enamel.

    • Bad breath

    After smoking, the smoke particles are left behind which stays in the mouth which can lead to bad breath. This is a very common problem known as stale smokers breath. When you chew tobacco or smoke it minimizes the flow of saliva.

    Make sure you seek the help of the dentist at the right time so that the problem does not increase. In case, the problem is not solving then you should visit our dental clinic to get a suitable treatment plan which will solve your problem.

    • Gum disease

    Smoking can even affect the gums to the teeth. This is because when the plaque is formed near the gum line it can interfere with the tissues around the gums which affect the immune system. The nicotine affect the flow of blood which lead to oral infections.

    • Dental implants success is lowered

    The dental procedures like implants rely on having healthy teeth so that everything goes smoothly. The use of tobacco can interfere with the healing process which means the recovery time will also slow down.

    • Developing oral cancer

    Studies have shown that the use of tobacco can increase the risk of oral cancer. This is the reason the mouth cancer problem is becoming very common. Also, it can lead to various health issues which are not that serious like cancer but they need to be taken care of at the right time.

    If you are facing problem then you should visit our clinic and discuss the problem. Their dental tips will help you to manage the problem effectively.