How often should you change your toothbrush? How to buy a new one?


    How often should you change your toothbrush? How to buy a new one?

    How often do you change your toothbrush? It’s not a tricky question to answer. We all are prone to take this aspect of dental hygiene for granted. All of us tend to change our medications, beauty and cosmetic products with time. So why are we taking dental hygiene as something which has insignificant value?

    An important point to note

    Dental problems are not reversible. It means they cannot get treated on their own.

    When should you opt to change your toothbrush?

    It is advised that the toothbrush should be changed once every three months. If you have recently got treated for a serious dental problem, then you should consider changing it even once a month.

    What if you do not discard your toothbrush on time?

    According to a survey, 60% of people do not change their toothbrush for 32 years. And because of that, they suffer from so many dental problems. The dental problems should not get aggravated. If these got progressed, then these may cause many cardiovascular problems.

    Important point

    After the 3 months of usage of each toothbrush, the bristles become quintessentially weak and they lose the effectiveness to remove the plaque and the accumulated or the stuck dirt and the food items in the teeth.

    How should you use the toothbrush?

    Since a toothbrush is that item that is to be used twice a day. So it has to be maintained with healthy habits. For example, You should rinse the toothbrush with water after each use. Do not let it remain wet all day long. Make it stand in the way that is getting enough exposure to the wind which is necessary for it to become dry. Once you have done with your bathing and all, the confide covering the toothbrush with the cap.

    Important tip

    Make sure you are placing your toothbrush 10 to 12 feet away from the toilet as the toilet germs are sure to get administered in the bristles if this distance is not maintained.

    What should you consider when you are shopping for your dental products?

    Your dentist can guide you better in this regard. The next time you visit a dentist for a dental checkup make sure, you are asking him about what you should buy to maintain excellent dental hygiene.

    What are the must to consider points while buying a toothbrush?

    When you are buying a toothbrush, then consider buying the one which has a soft bristle. Also, make sure the toothbrush which you are choosing is easy for your hand to handle.

    What specifications must you consider when you are buying toothpaste?

    You should consider buying only that toothpaste that has fluoride in it and which is approved by the ADA.

    What else should I buy to dispute the toothbrush and paste?

    Only a toothbrush and paste are not sufficient to maintain healthy teeth. Apart from that, you must be buying a mouthwash that will ensure that no foul smell is coming from your mouth. Flossing is also essential to make sure that the teeth are getting cleaned.