Why is tooth used for the maintenance of dental hygiene? What are the benefits?


    Why is tooth used for the maintenance of dental hygiene? What are the benefits?

    The contribution of toothpaste in the dental hygiene maintenance routine is significant. Because of this, the dentists always suggest brushing your teeth twice a day with a good toothpaste.

    Variations in the toothpaste usage

    Some people consider using toothpaste in huge amounts. While others like to squeeze a bit of that. Some like to use only water while others like to make their homemade teeth cleaning solutions.

    So in the wake of so many variations, people are getting confused, which toothpaste should be used and which not.

    Facts to know about the toothpaste

      • In the early 90s, a toothpaste advertisement guided people to use it by covering all the bristles of the brush. Since then, people cover all their brush bristles with toothpaste.
      • As per CDA, toothpaste should be used along with fluoride. This way, the cavities can be prevented.
      • The best way to use toothpaste to clean your teeth is to use a pea-sized amount. Covering all the bristles with it is neither hygiene nor a cost-effective solution. By doing this you can quintessentially contribute to maintaining dental hygiene. Along with that, the toothpaste will last for a longer time.

    A little piece of advice

    Parents must consult the dentists on which method is to be followed for brushing the teeth of the children. In most cases, the doctors will suggest the parents brush the teeth of their children. As they may swallow the fluoridated toothpaste which is not good for them.

    What are the advantages of using toothpaste?

    So this is an interesting point to discuss. So let’s begin:

      • Plaque removal

    The plaque cannot be removed on its own or by brushing with the toothbrush alone without using the toothpaste. Use of toothpaste is required for plaque removal.

      • Prevention from many dental problems

    Brushing with the dentist suggested toothpaste can prevent you to suffer from the following:

      • Gingivitis
      • Tooth decay
      • You can choose your favourite flavour

    There are so many flavours of toothpaste which you can choose from. By choosing your favourite flavour, you can enhance your brushing experience.

      • No need to avoid the garlic and onion

    Usually, people tend to avoid eating raw onion or garlic because of the foul smell issues. But if you brush after eating such things, no such issues as the foul smell will come into the picture.

      • Teeth whitening

    A bright and beautiful smile is the need of every individual. It takes only a soft bristle brush and the right property containing toothpaste to help you with this purpose.

    Working of the toothpaste

      • Abrasives

    The toothpaste contains several which help to rub and clean the bacterial accumulation.

      • Refreshing Smell

    The flavouring of the toothpaste has the potential to get rid of the foul smell.

      • Thickening agents

    To ensure that the toothpaste does not get drained out from your toothpaste, thickening agents like cellulose gums are used.

      • Detergents

    Detergents are responsible for clearing out the food remains from the teeth.

      • Fluoride

    For strengthening the enamel, fluoride is hugely beneficial.

    Bottom Line

    But still, if it is about dental hygiene, then please consult with a dentist before making any changes in your dental routine.