Why should you make your kids familiar with the tooth fairy tradition?


    Why should you make your kids familiar with the tooth fairy tradition?

    Do not share with your Kids about the Tooth Fairy

    Since childhood, we get to hear different stories about Santa Claus and how he would leave gifts for us at night. But have you met him? No. Well! These stories are told to us by our parents to create our interest in different things and make us understand the situation. In the same manner, we get to hear about various mythical figures like ‘The Tooth Fairy’.

    Where did the Tooth Fairy originate from?

    Tooth Fairy is a modern creation and with time it has changed a lot. Moreover, with time, different myths have also come to light which makes people wonder what is true and not. Tooth Fairy is extremely different in terms of the cultures some traditions revolve around it, regarding the way a child’s baby tooth is disposed of.

    Some people get it disposed of in the fire, some try to throw it over the roof and some prefer to get it buried.

    Make your kid familiar with the Tooth Fairy tradition

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    Presently, the kids start to lose their baby teeth and they prefer to put the teeth under the pillow. It is done in the hope that the tooth fairy will come in the night. Many years back it was said that keep one coin under the pillow and the tooth fairy will come and take away the teeth.

    How is the tooth fairy culture celebrated around the world?

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    The tooth fairy does make her way around the globe. In every country, there is a different way of celebrating the tooth fairy culture to make their child not fear dental health.

      • Burying the Tooth

    In Afghanistan, the parents bury the lost tooth in the mouse hole, and in Turkey, they bury the child’s teeth in a place in the hope that it will bring them success.

      • Placing It in a Slipper

    In South Africa, the lost tooth is kept by the parents in a slipper. The tooth fairy will take the slipper and instead of it, a gift is placed.

      • Tossing a Tooth

    In India, China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam, the parents toss their child’s loose tooth over the roof. Even in middle east countries, this tradition is followed.

    Well! It is just a way to make the child have an interest in their dental care regime and this is the reason tooth fairy culture is getting popular with time. It is like making your child understand that with good teeth, they will get a reward.

    Make your child understand the importance of oral care regime

    It is true that when your child has the habit of following the dental care regime from the start, it will benefit them in older age. You should build their interest in oral care with different stories and this will build their interest in oral care with ease. If you want any help our dentist is here to help you. Book the initial consultation with our dentist.