Diseases that cause tooth decay


    Diseases that cause tooth decay

    Cavities or tooth decay are the most common dental health issue. They are common in children, adults, or teenagers. If not treated at the right time it can lead to tooth loss, severe toothache, and infection. In this guide, we are going to talk about the diseases which result in tooth decay.

    No part of the body can function independently, which goes for our tooth also. Tooth decay is caused by several factors that include frequent snacking, sipping a sugary drink, bacteria in the mouth, and poor oral hygiene routine.

    In that case, it is best to visit the doctor for a regular dental check-up as a thorough checkup of teeth is necessary. Make sure that you visit the best dental clinic to understand the entire situation in a better way.

    Common Diseases which result in Tooth Decay

    Anorexia and Bulimia

    • Both these conditions are linked to eating problems that affect men & women. It occurs when they fear that they will become overweight & eat less due to this.
    • Due to this, the teeth are affected as they are not able to get the minerals, proteins, and vitamins it needs to keep up with good oral health.
    • A person with bulimia may eat but vomit. In this case, the tooth enamel is affected which leads to tooth decay. Some other issues are:

    – Swollen Glands

    – Teeth look worn down

    – Bad Breath

    • A person with anorexia starts eating salty, sugary, and unhealthy food which are bad for the teeth.


    Diabetes is one of the major reasons behind tooth decay, whether it is diabetes Type 1 or Type 2. It affects different parts of the body along with the mouth. The main symptom of diabetes is a dry mouth which is due to lack of saliva. The saliva helps to protect the teeth against bacteria which results in tooth decay. So, lack of saliva will increase the risk of developing cavities.

    In this case, the gum disease risk also increases which increases the bacteria in the mouth. Research has shown that diabetic people are more prone to gum disease. So, make sure that you get the problem addressed at the right time before it aggravates.

    Autoimmune Problem

    The autoimmune problem is a family of diseases in which the body starts attacking itself and major organs. The diseases which occur do leave an impact on the mouth and it is linked to oral health which is Sjögren’s Syndrome. This reduces the saliva production and in some cases, it might be zero. So, make sure to get the problem diagnosed at the right time so that possible complications can be prevented.


    Make sure to seek medical help and share your entire medical history with the doctor to get the right treatment plan.