Food and Drink: You Must avoid and eat for better oral health


    Food and Drink: You Must avoid and eat for better oral health

    Whatever you consume daily will determine your dental and general health. A poor diet may be the cause of tooth decay and gum disease. If you are habitual of consuming foods and drinks high in sugar, you will have an increased amount of plaque on your teeth which can lead to tooth decay. Plaque disintegrates the tooth enamel and paves the way for a cavity. Of course, visiting a dentist will be necessary in that case. If you are running short of dental health tips, we are here for you.

    With this blog, we intend to recommend the types of food and drink to be consumed and the types of food and drink to be avoided for ensuring your dental health-

    Foods and drinks you should avoid

    Foods and drinks which have high sugar content should be avoided as these tend to elevate the plaque levels on your teeth.

    Even BBQ sauce and tomato ketchup should be taken in fewer amounts as they have high sugar content, even if you indulge in small servings of these. Candies are a big no-no as most of them have lots of sugar. When you try to bite the hard candies, you might end up with chipped teeth. One must also avoid eatables like yogurt, biscuits, breakfast cereals, frozen pizzas, cakes, and chocolate as they are extremely high in sugar 

    You will also have to cut out on fizzy drinks/soda as they contain empty calories for the body and prove detrimental to your teeth as well. Well, fruit juices might have vitamins, but they also are very high on sugar and can affect your oral health. Even iced tea, vitamin water, sports drinks, flavored green tea and coffee, and certain types of alcohol and energy drinks cannot be considered safe.

    Foods and drinks you should include in the diet

    A balanced diet that has an abundant amount of vitamins and minerals is ideal for your body as well as your teeth. Include a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables so that your body and teeth remain healthy. It will also help you in preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Of course, you will have to stick to the good old rule of brushing your teeth twice a day and doing so for at least two minutes each time.

    Including foods such as apples can offer you a dual advantage as it not only supplies vitamin A to your body but keeps your teeth clean as well. Their high vitamin content helps in eradicating bad breath by killing bacteria. Spinach and lettuce are not only rich in antioxidants and iron, but also beta-carotene which is crucial in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Other foods that are an excellent choice for your body and teeth are raw vegetables, milk, fish, nuts, cheese, and sugarless chewing gum. So make the most of these eatable wonders!