Bad effects of Alcohol on Teeth


    Bad effects of Alcohol on Teeth

    For wellbeing it is very essential to give up on a few things which affect our health negatively. One of them is the consumption of alcohol. Various studies have shown that alcohol affects health as well as for the teeth. In this guide, we have mentioned in brief the bad effects of alcohol on teeth.

    Moderate alcohol consumption is part of a healthy lifestyle, but generally, it is not considered healthy. This mixed reputation is due to its long and short term benefits which it leaves on the body, brain, liver and blood sugar level. But, what effect does it leave on the mouth tissues, gums, and teeth?

    According to CDC, the trusted source defines, “Moderate level for men is 2 drinks a day and one drink for women. The heavy drinkers in the case of women are more than 8 drinks in a day and for men, 15 drinks in a day.

    For the heavy drinkers the mouth sores, tooth decay, and gum problems are likely to happen. After that, the most common risk factor is oral cancer. To make people understand its bad effect on the teeth our dentist has given brief information for the same.

    What about the teeth?

    People who drink alcohol have a higher level of plaque and the problem of permanent tooth loss increases 3 times. Then what about the moderate drinkers, do they face the issue of mouth and tooth disease? Well, there is not much medical evidence.

    You need to make sure to visit the best dental clinic to get the right treatment plan and the doctor’s tip will help to reduce the tooth problem.


    Studies have shown that drinks high in alcohol like spirits lead to the issue of dry mouth. The mouth is moist with the help of saliva and it helps in removing the bacteria & plaque from the tooth surface. So, when you drink alcohol make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated.


    The beverages have color due to chromogens. When they get attached to tooth enamel which is linked with the acid in alcohol the teeth can get stained. One of the effective ways to bypass the problem is by drinking it with a straw.

    Some people prefer to mix liquor along with red wine and dark sodas. This habit of yours will not let you have a white smile. Not only the sugar content but dark-colored soft drinks can also stain the teeth. So, make sure that you rinse your mouth between drinks.

    Are there any other issues?

    Some people while drinking the alcohol chew ice which can break the teeth. Besides, if you add lemon then it can erode the teeth enamel.

    If you are facing any issue or want to know how to deal with such a problem then talk to our doctor for the best advice.