Treatments available for receding gums


    Treatments available for receding gums

    Several people are suffering from the problem of receding gums, which can make it difficult for them to eat food. In this case, you need to get the right treatment. For this, you have to talk to the dentist, because only he can tell you what to do to get rid of this condition.

    What are Receding Gums?

    Receding gums is explained as a condition when the gum tissue surrounding the teeth wears away. Several people are suffering from this condition due to certain causes.

    The main cause of this condition is periodontal disease, which is additionally known as gum disease. Every healthy mouth has pink gums but if you are suffering from certain types of problems, then you may notice inflamed gums. In this case, you must visit the dental clinic to get help from the dentist.

    Symptoms of receding gums

    There are several signs of receding gums include-:

    • Loose teeth
    • Bad breath
    • Swollen and red gums
    • A bad taste in your mouth
    • You may also experience severe pain.

    Well, receding gums are more prone to bacterial growth, so you must get treatment as soon as possible.

    Causes of gum recession

    As we stated above the main cause of this condition is periodontal disease. There are certainly other causes are-:

    • Old age
    • Teeth grinding while sleeping
    • Medical conditions include diabetes.
    • Sports injury or other trauma to the mouth
    • Poor oral hygiene
    • Poor-fitting partial dentures.
    • Smoking
    • Teeth not in right alignment
    • Brushing too hard also leads you to receding gums.

    Certain tips for brushing teeth effectively include-:

    • You must try to use a soft brush to clean your teeth.
    • You must brush twice a day, it will help you to reduce the risk of teeth problems.

    Diagnosis of receding gums

    To get a diagnosis for this condition, you need to talk to a specialist. He examines your teeth properly, only then will tell you why you are suffering from this condition. You may not easily notice this problem, but if you get a regular check-up, then you will surely be able to understand the gum receding problem.

    Treatment for gum recession

    The treatment for receding gums depends on the cause of the problem. There are certain treatment options available according to the reason behind receding gums. These are-:

    • If you are suffering from this condition due to hard brushing or poor brushing habits, then your specialist may recommend you to change your brushing habits. And you must brush your teeth twice a day after taking meals.
    • You may need to go with deep cleaning, which is known as scaling and root planing too.