Your Dental Hygiene Can Lead To Various Other Diseases Other Than Just Tooth Decay


    Your Dental Hygiene Can Lead To Various Other Diseases Other Than Just Tooth Decay

    Why Oral Hygiene Is Important?

    Dental problem is one of the most irritating and the worst health issue. Most of the issues related to this problem can be prevented easily. A person should have a good oral hygiene. You should brush regularly, floss regularly and visit the dentist for routine check up. You should get the treatment from the best dental clinic because the doctors will be experienced and highly educated.  

    Some of the other issues which can be caused due to bad oral hygiene.

    • Cardiovascular disease: The problem of atherosclerosis is caused due to the bacteria. It causes inflammation in the gums and the bacteria travels into the blood. This decreases the blood flow in the body which can lead to heart attack. The lining of the heart is also affected due to the decrease rate of blood flow. This problem is called endocarditis.
    • Dementia: It can also cause the problem of  Alzheimer. The bacteria will enter the brain through nerve channels. The bacteria will reach the head through the blood supply.
    • Respiratory infections: The problem of gum disease can cause infections in your lungs and it can also cause pneumonia. The connection between breathing problem and infection of gums is still not found.
    • Diabetic complications: The problem of inflammation of the gums can make the blood sugar rise. It becomes difficult to manage the condition of the patients. Diabetes patient is more prone to the dental problem. So, it’s best to start the treatment before its too late.
    • Oral cancer: Due to bad oral hygiene the disease of oral cancer can occur. There are millions of patient who are affected by this disease. The problem is more common in people after the age of 40. if the patient is suffering from oral cancer they will notice sores, lumps in the mouth, and difficulty in chewing. If the problem is diagnosed at early stages, it can be treated properly.
    • Bad breath: About 85% of people are affected by the problem of bad breath. It is also termed as halitosis. The reason of bad breath is gum disease, dry mouth, cavities, bacteria on the tongue, and oral cancer. You can use mouthwash to prevent this problem. If the issue doesn’t go away then you should consult the doctor.
    • Tooth Erosion: The tooth structure is affected by this problem. The problem can be very severe in some cases. This issue can be solved if treated at the right time.