what to do when Teeth Start Shifting?


    what to do when Teeth Start Shifting?

    Keeping in mind that teeth are anchored to the jawbone, it might seem that they are immovable without the treatment. But teeth shifting can happen due to different reasons as it is not linked with only the braces getting moved. Read the given topic to know what to do when teeth start shifting.

    The mouth is constantly changing just like the rest of the body and in this change, the teeth are also involved. This might seem surprising at first to notice that the teeth are not in the same position. Well, the teeth shifting happens because of different reasons. Getting the problem addressed by the dentist at the right time will help to prevent the problem from increasing.

    How do teeth shifting happens?

    Teeth are attached to the jawbone by cementum and periodontal ligament which is a tooth outer layer and made of collagen & minerals. The tooth the sturdy because connective tissues and collagen forms the periodontal ligament. The ligament is durable and flexible as well as the soft tissues present in it leads to movement.

    What are the reasons for teeth shifting?

    • The teeth move naturally throughout your life but there is a certain issue that makes the movement more prominent. It is a fact that teeth can move from its place.
    • Teeth are enveloped by cheeks & lips from outside and inside the tongue is present. In general, the aging will make the lips tight and this starts putting pressure on the teeth which results in crowding. Your smile gets affected and that is why upper front teeth show less and lower front teeth show more.
    • The decrease in enamel due to acid erosion or injury can affect the overall bite. Tooth shape can change due to enamel loss which makes the teeth move out of its alignment. So, when the tooth shifts due to filling or enamel damage the bite can shift slowly.
    • Crowding and crooked teeth will create spaces that can get affected by plaque or bacteria. It does not matter if you are following a proper oral care routine. Moreover, the chances of getting gum disease will increase and might even break the teeth. In severe cases, tooth loss can also occur.
    • Tooth loss can occur when you do not take proper care of the teeth or there is some health-related issues like untreated diabetes. Due to missing teeth, the surrounding teeth can move downward or sideways.

    When you notice a difference?

    Overnight seeing the difference is not possible, but once the teeth start moving more the difference is noticeable. The patients can see the difference because the front teeth are visible. Make sure you visit the doctor for regular visits so that they can check for bone loss or other dental issues. If you are facing a problem then book your appointment for a consultation today only.